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July 04, 2006

Why not?

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Best day: Hard to think of one as most of my really good evenings have had crappy mornings and vice versa.

Worst day: Another hard one. Pick pretty much any day in July 2005.

Best decision: Signing up for counselling

Worst mistake: Russian for Scientists II

Craziest on–campus antic: Sure there were plenty, but I was too drunk to remember them clearly

Favourite place on campus: Probably Social Studies before they started all of the building work. I used to go for a walk and sit there for a bit many nights in my first year.

Most painful experience: Wasn't the most painful at the time, but in terms of residual scarring due to lack of closure, I'd have to say when Hannah and I split.

Favourite lecturers: Any of them that kept me awake

Worst lecturer: Bit of a toss–up between MacKay, Reid and Mond

Biggest waste of time: Going to lectures for modules that I later dropped

Most valuable use of time: Music stuff. Took up one hell of a lot of time, but worth it.

Shortest time between beginning an assignment and handing it in: 40mins.

Average time spent awake during a one–hour lecture: about 45mins

Number of Pub Jogs completed: none. Was gonna do one, but decided moving was too much effort to drank the equivalent drinks in just one place.

Number of times drunk: lost count

Number of exams sat: Can't be bothered to count. About 30–35.

Number of times expelled from Students Union: None, but I was once asked by a member of staff to consider going home.

Cars crashed: 0

Cars owned: 0

Friends for life: Hopefully some.

Best Friends: Oli, I guess. I'm a bit too much of a floater to gather a proper "best friends" group.

Girlfriends: 1

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