February 07, 2005


Today I was reminded again about self-image, looks, etc.
As expected [sorry to be sexist, but it's true], this issue was brought back to my attention by a female. I won't embarass them by naming names, but you know who you are – a true princess.

Obviously, these are my own thoughts on the subject. They may not represent the views of every person here. I know for a fact that my housemates prefer petite females and semi-goth chicks, neither of which is my idea of an ideal physical specimin. So what do I look for? Well, I like to hug people, thus I am attracted to those who are snuggletastic. If you can't hold someone in your arms and feel comfortable, what is the point?

I would like to point out that in every case where I have heard people expressing a desire to lose weight/diet weight is not an issue. Sure, these people aren't supermodel thin [thank God for that – I don't want to be scared of breaking someone every time I hug them] but are one hell of a long way from obese, or indeed remarkably overweight. So why the obsession with weight?

Well, it is clearly a self-image thing. I used to worry about my weight until I noticed that the times I was happiest I weighed 13 stone, while I generally weighed 12 stone when I was depressed. Although I still weigh myself every day, it's more of a reflex action, and I forget the reading even before I'm out of the bathroom. So when I weigh more, do I go "Oh no – I'm fat"? No. I say to myself "You weigh more because you are more muscular. Look at your rock hard buttocks!". It might seem superficial, but it's brought me through some difficult times. Please note, that anyone can and should do this. It really helps self esteem. Just find something about yourself that you like and say to yourself daily "I have (a) really nice bum/breasts/hair/dimples/scrotum/kneecaps/chin"

But surely only those less than perfect can have self image problems. Well, no. This is complete and utter bollocks. I'm reminded of someone I know [someone, I hasten to add, that I thought "Wow! She is one of the hottest people on this entire planet" about when I first saw her]. When I found out that she had had pretty serious self-image problems, I was torn. I didn't know whether to be all supportive, or go all "What the hell? I mean if you were just a little bit pretty I'd understand if you didn't notice, but there is no way that I'm willing to believe that you have no idea that you're hot"

Despite all that, I'm willing to admit that some people would not look less attractive if they lost a little around the waist. This is not the same as losing weight. More than the number of women with too much belly, is the number of women with too little up top. No, I don't mean breasts. Arms. Muscles. Yes, sexy women have muscles. Not body-builder type muscles, but a certain firmness. Flab - not all that sexy. Well toned body - very sexy. But get this: weight - more!! Yes, muscle weighs more than fat. THAT is why I hate the weight-based system. Because too many people think "I weigh too much – I should eat less" and not enough think "I weigh the right amount, but more of it should be muscle

February 06, 2005

Why I shouldn't be allowed to think

Even everyday conversations about mundane things such as the weather quickly turn.

Conversation start: "It was bloody cold last night"
Conversation end: "You could make a snow woman and have your way with her

Election results

Am I the only one who is suprised that they're not on the union website yet?
I wanna know who won all the little posts that no-one really cares about.

February 05, 2005

Monkey testicles

No, not the popular dish. Actually I'm a bit pissed off. I think I may be infected with spyware.

I had the same thing last year and managed to nuke it good, so I know what to expect from it this time. It's probably not going to be a problem finding and removing it. I'm just pissed off that it got on there in the first place. This little bugger gets in via internet explorer, and as I use Mozilla for everything except two websites [the union and multimap, neither of which work properly for me in mozilla] I didn't spot the effects until today, as it only fucks around with internet explorer. I think I'm gonna have to have a bit of a word with my house-mate. "When I said you could use my computer…

I am a man of many facets

Last night I watched the Opera Projects show [bloody good, guys!]
Tonight I am watching a wrestling match

February 04, 2005

Note to self:

1 – Use breasts to sell people into white slave trade?
2 – Do shopping
3 – "We're gonna need another Timmy" is from Dinosaurs
4 – Remember to buy more post-its


Follow-up to The upcoming elections from Michael - Dutiful Bandsaw

All voted except for one post – Science faculty rep. Sent off an e-mail saying that I am actually an undergraduate, attending this university, and doing a maths degree. Got a form e-mail back saying "go to union north and they'll sort it out". Would have been nice if I'd got this e-mail yesterday, soon after I sent my e-mail, or indeed this morning. Not after I come home on Friday afternoon.

Anyway, despite the large number of abstentions [if no-one tells who to vote for, obvioulsy that post is of so little importance to people that it doesn't matter who gets it] all done.

Congratulations to anyone who told me how to vote – you have cheated the system by getting two votes instead of one!


I am not, and never have been, a fast thinker. By my estimation and definition of thought, I have on average 1 thought every 9 seconds. Thus, by popular "statistics", 150% of my thinking is about sex. While I do have a one-track mind [more on this later], I'm thinking this calculation is a little off.

I think I'd better define what I mean by thought. I think in pictures. One thought=one mental image popping into my head. As one picture is worth 1000 words, the 8 second gap is used to try to transfer this picture into word form if it is deemed necessary. This isn't a thought. It's just thinking.

Anyway, back to my one-track mind. Now, most people think that having a one-track mind means that you're focussed purely on one thing. The designers of my track had a different philosophy: If we've only got one track, we better make sure that it goes everywhere. My only regret is that they did not decide to join up the stops in a logical order.

February 02, 2005

It appears that he's survived

Follow-up to Oli has been hospitalised from Michael - Dutiful Bandsaw

Oli has rung me from the hospital. He needs stitches but is otherwise OK

Oli has been hospitalised

That's right – My housemate, Oli has been packed off to Warwick hospital. This is due to me.

When he was brought home form Sugar just after 1, I was not in the mood to play silly buggers due to having poor sleeping patterns and an early start the next day. So despite being told to look after him, when he started trying to repeatedly kick me in the gonads I told him to fuck off and decided to leave him to his own devices. To be fair, I did listen to him go upstairs and start clumping around up there so I assumed that all was OK.

At about 1:15 I heard a very slow decending of the stairs. Well, half of the stairs. The other half were decended rather quickly. A bit too quickly. When I went to see what had happened, I found him with blood running down his face. Rather a lot of blood. Too much, by my reckoning. So I called for an ambulance [I am no longer a 999 virgin].

I suceeded in giving the details asked for. Suceeded in finding a clean cloth to hold against the wound. Did not suceed in trying to keep him still, as he suddenly made a break for his room, and I thought it better to let him get on with it, rather than try to pull him down the stairs.

Anyway, the nice ambulance people arrived and I told them what I could, and then they took him off to warwick hospital.

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