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December 31, 2004


Follow-up to Cookiing from Michael - Dutiful Bandsaw

My parents have just invited 4 more people round for dinner. My moussaka won't serve that many. Thus I have had to hunt down a pizza to supplement the food situation. It's all going a bit mad, to be honest.


As soon as Star Wars finished earlier I plunged into the kitchen, pausing only to shout my feared battle cry of "Why is there all this fucking junk where I'm trying to work". Since then I have been cooking non-stop for the party tonight and as soon as I've finished this I've got to get back to it. Fortunately I had this 5-minute breather or I'd go all head-chef and start beating people with a spatula.

Todays reading is taken from…

Here I be in a vague attempt to:
a) Stop being quite so bored
b) Do something while this bloody download finishes
c) Work off some of the chocolate I've eaten by rapidly bouncing my fingers up and down on the keyboard
& d) All of the above

Today's topic is taken from the page open in front of me (my dad had been working earlier)
I have so much to tell you, but I would rather not do it with paper and ink; instead, I hope to visit you and talk with you personally, so that we shall be completely happy

You will, of course, recognise this as coming from 2 John. I, personally, think that this is one of the less opaque passages of the Bible. But why does John bother to send a letter that is barely half a page, and why is such a short letter included in the Bible when other letters of a similar theme and length sent at a similar time are not? And what exactly is there that he wants to say, but dares not write? Surely anything of a spiritual nature would be gladly included. Perhaps there is something going on behind the scenes which we are not aware of. Perhaps it is a deliberate ploy to arouse our suspicions. Perhaps I'm paranoid. I think that another solution is more likely. I think that John is trying to end a letter, while notifying people of his upcoming visit and the simplest way is to combine the two.

December 29, 2004


It's just so good to stare into.

December 27, 2004


After restraining my urge to write a pointless Christmas based entry two days ago, I have finally decided to write a pointless entry, anyway. Unfortunately, I don't know what to write about. There are a few things I could mention, such as the vivid dreams that have thrust themselves upon me (caused, no doubt, by excessive cheesing before bedtime), what Christmas was like for me, and the emotional strain of being forced against ex-friends. Instead, I'd just like to take this moment to express just how annoying it is when you're in the middle of, say, writing a blog, when you get called to lunch. I'd like to thank whoever put the "save for later" feature there.

December 22, 2004

NOW it's Xmas

We now have a tree. And have decorated it. So finally it's time for Christmas. Woohoo.

It's a fix

Just watched the strictly come dancing champion of champions show.

I have to say: stupid BBC1 viewers.

December 21, 2004

This is gonna hurt in the morning

I've carolling. Lugging my tuba round the village. Holding the damn thing for 2 hours solid. Taking great big breaths and realising that I've taken in too much air (there is a medical name for this, but I can't rmemeber it). Nearly slipping on the ice. Nearly falling over (still holding tuba). Fingers going numb from the sub-zero temperatures. Just your basic monday night, really.

December 19, 2004

My God I'm Good!

I have just eaten the most delicious salmon steak in the world. And it was cooked by me. I am fantastic.

For those wondering, the recipe is:
Get a/several salmon steak(s)
Put them in the middle of a big bit of foil
Dab on some butter
Sprinkle on a pinch of salt
Add a fair shake of pepper
Add slices of lemon
Wrap up foil
Cook in preheated oven at gas mark 4 for 27 minutes
Eat with potatoes and peas/beans

If there's any of you women out there wanting a career, I'd be more than happy to cook and clean for you.

December 18, 2004

So, have we been paying attention

I'm very bored. So I'm writing a quiz. About me. All entries will be marked and the winner will get a prize. A lot of these answers should be known to anyone who knows me. A lot can be looked up. A lot of them no-one will know.

My marking system is:
5 marks per qustion
2 marks for the correct answer (in questions with a correct answer)
The rest of the marks for interesting (and correct) facts relating to both the question and me
Some questions have more than one correct answer, and marks will be appointed according to how many correct answers you submit (and lost for incorrect answers)
And, of course, marks for making me laugh or for bribery

1. What is my name?
2. Where was I born?
3. Where did I go to school?
4. On which wrist do I wear my watch?
5. What are my hobbies?
6. What is my favourite body part?
7. Complete the following quote: I wish I was…
8. What did I want a tattoo of? Where? Why did I decide against it?
9. What type of pet do I want?
10. How do I describe my sexuality?
11. Red or white wine?
12. Blondes or brunettes? [marks for including the related quote]
13. What am I scared of?
14. List some of the moods I have been known to be in.
15. How many siblings do I have?
16. How many of my bones have I broken?
17. What do I like best/least about myself?
18. Which cheeses do I like?
19. Would you be willing to sleep with me?
20. What is my favourite percussion instrument?

That's it. 20 questions. 100 marks. I don't see why anyone who knows me should get much less than 20, despite some of the questions being pretty obscure.

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