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February 16, 2005

Curse you Denis Wright

Yesterday I realised that: Today is the first contest band rehearsal. I don't know my part. There was no way I was going to practice yesterday. I did not want to practice just before rehearsal. Wednesday is a busy day for me. The only time I could practice is before my 9:00 lecture, so I'd have to be on campus close to 8:00, so I'd have to wake up soon after 6:00. I need a lot of sleep. I would have to go to bed early

Result: go to bed at 6pm. Have a long, but broken, sleep. Wake up 5:45 [before my alarm], really not wanting to get up. Get up anyway. Shower, get dressed [It seems God is no longer talking to me through my socks as Wednesdays are orange, not green], eat an apple for breakfast [must go shopping]. Make it to the busstop in time for the 7:30. Write 2 under all the Gbs in the piece. Write 12 under the Fbs [WHY????]. Arrive on campus. Wrestle with the instrument store for a bit [I'm pretty sure I helped tidy it last week] until eventually I could get to the BBb. Practice [badly – mispitching EVERYTHING. Curse you playing Eb in WO]. Go to lecture. Nearly fall asleep [despite having nearly 12 hours sleep last night]. Avoid doing any work by going to computer room.

February 12, 2005

Today has been a Bad Day.

If you take today as starting at midnight, the main thoughts of today have been:

"that looks crap"
"why am I still up?"
"why did I wake up this early?"
"why did I lie in so late?"
"Ow! my finger!"
"Which idiot thought of a masked ball?"
"My foot is bleeding"
"Those were MY glasses you broke"
"Stupid fireplace! stubbing my toe"
"Every 10 minutes, my arse!"
"God, it's cold"
"0% chance of precipitation? I think not!"
"Why is my head so big?"
"I'm running really late"
"Bugger. Forgot to get lunch"
"I want to die"

On the plus side, Eggs Benedict is still great, and Kerrie is still my favouritest shop assistant in the world.

February 11, 2005

Delia smith never thought of THIS

Ingredients [entire food content of kitchen]:
packet diced chicken
packet mini-corn, asparagus & mange tout
1 egg
1 Stock cube
Various spices

Cook rice in stock
Meanwhile, fry chicken in spices
Boil posh veg.
Put all on plate.
Top with fried egg [over-easy]
Garnish with black pepper.

OK, so it's not going to win any awards, but it's better than half the pre-packaged stuff you can get and shows that random stuff makes a good meal.

Today I'm in favour of…

Yes – the old cynical me has been replaced with a new procrastinating me. I'm even so lazy that I'm liking things instead of doing anything productive.

So the things that I'm liking are:

  • eggs benedict
  • lovely shop people who don't get impatient when I'm standing there like a stunned mullet, completely incapable of answering even the simplest questions

February 08, 2005


Back again. How I missed you.

Oh, God of pancakes…

Great Shrove, whom we commemorate this day, what have I done to anger you?
Why oh why cause both of my frying pans to lose their non-stick ability at this time?

Note to self: [another one]

When you go shopping, and your shopping list contains amoung other things champagne, tinned soup, fruit juice and apples, it might be a better idea to go to the closest supermarket.

February 07, 2005


Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

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Today I was reminded again about self-image, looks, etc.
As expected [sorry to be sexist, but it's true], this issue was brought back to my attention by a female. I won't embarass them by naming names, but you know who you are – a true princess.

Obviously, these are my own thoughts on the subject. They may not represent the views of every person here. I know for a fact that my housemates prefer petite females and semi-goth chicks, neither of which is my idea of an ideal physical specimin. So what do I look for? Well, I like to hug people, thus I am attracted to those who are snuggletastic. If you can't hold someone in your arms and feel comfortable, what is the point?

I would like to point out that in every case where I have heard people expressing a desire to lose weight/diet weight is not an issue. Sure, these people aren't supermodel thin [thank God for that – I don't want to be scared of breaking someone every time I hug them] but are one hell of a long way from obese, or indeed remarkably overweight. So why the obsession with weight?

Well, it is clearly a self-image thing. I used to worry about my weight until I noticed that the times I was happiest I weighed 13 stone, while I generally weighed 12 stone when I was depressed. Although I still weigh myself every day, it's more of a reflex action, and I forget the reading even before I'm out of the bathroom. So when I weigh more, do I go "Oh no – I'm fat"? No. I say to myself "You weigh more because you are more muscular. Look at your rock hard buttocks!". It might seem superficial, but it's brought me through some difficult times. Please note, that anyone can and should do this. It really helps self esteem. Just find something about yourself that you like and say to yourself daily "I have (a) really nice bum/breasts/hair/dimples/scrotum/kneecaps/chin"

But surely only those less than perfect can have self image problems. Well, no. This is complete and utter bollocks. I'm reminded of someone I know [someone, I hasten to add, that I thought "Wow! She is one of the hottest people on this entire planet" about when I first saw her]. When I found out that she had had pretty serious self-image problems, I was torn. I didn't know whether to be all supportive, or go all "What the hell? I mean if you were just a little bit pretty I'd understand if you didn't notice, but there is no way that I'm willing to believe that you have no idea that you're hot"

Despite all that, I'm willing to admit that some people would not look less attractive if they lost a little around the waist. This is not the same as losing weight. More than the number of women with too much belly, is the number of women with too little up top. No, I don't mean breasts. Arms. Muscles. Yes, sexy women have muscles. Not body-builder type muscles, but a certain firmness. Flab - not all that sexy. Well toned body - very sexy. But get this: weight - more!! Yes, muscle weighs more than fat. THAT is why I hate the weight-based system. Because too many people think "I weigh too much – I should eat less" and not enough think "I weigh the right amount, but more of it should be muscle

February 06, 2005

Why I shouldn't be allowed to think

Even everyday conversations about mundane things such as the weather quickly turn.

Conversation start: "It was bloody cold last night"
Conversation end: "You could make a snow woman and have your way with her

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