January 08, 2005

Sleeping, shopping and cake (or, love & a sore backside)

Due to having some sleep the last 3 nights, my mind is working at full speed. Unfortunately, that means that I have an attention span of about a minute. Possibly less. About the amount of time I've spent on this paragraph, in fact.

Food. Food is good. I have run out. I am hungry. I should go shopping, but for some reason they don't like me strolling round Tesco/Asda/Sainsburys/Somerfield/Iceland/Costcutters wearing nothing but my boxers so I'll have to wash first.

And on the subject of potatoes, I need to go clothes shopping and shopping for all kinds of stuff that nobody gave me for the winter solstace celebrations. Like a toolbox [you'd have thought I'd get given that as a "useful" gift]. All I got practically was a spirit level, a mini screwdriver and a duet of towels. And pasta.

I like walls. I can tell because while I can only think of stuff for a bit before it gets boring, I can happily stare at the wall thinking and doing nothing for AGES.

Life is like a box of chocolates. Not suitable for those with nut or dairy allergies, and not worth having if you're on a diet. On a similar note, is it better to have your cake or to eat it?

I have run out of inane things to squinkle about, but don't want to move as it still hurts when I move from dancing last night [how many of you woke up thinking "my arse is REALLY sore"?]. D'oh!

Anyway, on to more serious matters which I hope to veil in a mire of flippantry. Love. What is it? It it something I think about but don't speak about [by that definition, it could be anything]. I think the Greeks had it better [as always – the cunning devils] with many different words for the different types. Does anyone know what all of the types are? As far as I can tell from my experiences, I've discovered these ones:

  • Something useful or that fulfills a purpose
  • Lust
  • The genuine desire to make someone happy
  • Something that makes you happy, even though it shouldn't
  • Serene, silent & still physical closeness
    I'm pretty sure that isn't the full lot. Oh, well.

Hunger has finally overcome my need to sit still. That is all.

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  1. Eros

    and a few others that I forget

    Awesome Entry. Have 20 Awesome points.

    08 Jan 2005, 13:57

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