January 24, 2005

Now I remember why I don't go to my 9:00s

Wake up at 6:15. Think "this is not enough sleep". Last night I upgraded my computer (I thiefed my brother's old one) and after trying in vain to get it to recognise that I had a CD drive, I finally managed to sort out a system that works. Unfortunately, this arrangement means I have all my brother's settings and not mine, so I was trying to get firefox to work properly until 12:30. Me being me, I then did not get to sleep until about 1:45.

Anyway, I lie in until my alarm goes off at 7:00 and get up promptly, for a change. Get showered. Getting dressed when problem 2 occurs. Tonight is the official wind orchestra Top B social. So I thought I'd wear my WO t-shirt. Except I can't find it. It's not in the "to be washed" pile, not in the "I've worn it, but it doesn't smell that bad" pile, not in my drawer (where it should be), not hanging in my wardrobe, and not drying. Anyway, this fruitless searching meant that:

I just missed the bus. I got to the stop just after it had pulled away. I know that this is only to be expected with busses, so I normally wouldn't mind. Except it was freezing cold at 8:00 this morning. My nose would have been running if it had not iced up. And I had to wait over 15 minutes for the next bus (every 10 minutes, my arse). And because of that, it was full. I got on, but had to stand the whole journey. Even though I saw people leave from the top deck, the nobber standing in the stairwell neither moved upstairs to the vacated seats, not stepped aside so that others could do so. Thus I have a sore neck and bus-hair from the stupid designed-for-short-people bus.

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  1. Mark Jarvis Fan

    I always look forward to reading the Jarvism. Don't you? It's very good.

    24 Jan 2005, 17:15

  2. Ugh you must be so cheesed off. I used to get really irritated with buses too. Hope you have fun at Top B!!

    24 Jan 2005, 18:00

  3. Lover of Mark II

    I'm glad that somebody else reads the Jarvism religiously. He is a breath of fresh air.

    25 Jan 2005, 16:09

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