January 15, 2005

Bloody students.

Today I was woken up by people knocking at the door. I know that it is well into house hunting season [doesn't it get earlier every year] but still, it's just rude invading someone's house so early [12:30]. Now I understand my mother's frantic need to keep the house tidy in a way that I never have before. It's not until you hear people at the door and immediately think "I forgot to dust/do the washing up/fold my jeans/brush my pet gerbil" that you really can understand what it's like to be a housewife. Fortunately, a later batch came as I was doing the washing up, and thus I could look all house-trained.

Which brings me nicely onto my next subject – swearing. There is a time and a place for it. Such as whenever there is a gap in the conversation [even a gap between two words] or instead of a word in a sentance. The thing that makes being here better than being at home, is that here people really don't care if I shout "flange" for no reason.

I'd like all of those lovely people out there to help me. I have isolated my feeling of insignificance to the fact that I don't consider myself to be a power blogger. Given that I write an entry nearly every day, I finally managed to isolate what separated me from greatness. A catchy blog name. "Michael's blog" is so uninventive. Any suggestions?

And topic 4: One world week. Nothing against it. Just against having an hour long rehearsal at 3:40 for a 15 minute slot at 8:30. That gives me a great big patch of sweet fuck all. Fortunately my dear sweet daddy phoned me so I chatted to him for a bit, and of course there are always the computer rooms to feed my blog addiction.

Alarming news! I think I'm allergic to my coat. OK. Maybe not so alarming for anyone who isn't me, but in this weather I have to choose between freezing and sneezing and that ain't good.

Fightstar. I saw them. They were a bit generic. I had to ask "which one is supposed to be famous?" at the start, but once I heard Charlie sing, I knew for sure. Because he knew how to work a microphone. Plus he sounded exactly the same. It put me in mind of some kind of weird busted/nickelback collaberation. The other band was a bit dull also. Except clearly they were an Ok band with a tosspot lead singer. If I was trying to make a point, it'd be that Fightstar will do OK because it's the same as everything else, but has better publicity, but I didn't go away singing any of their tunes. I did have busted in my head for all of today, though.

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