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January 27, 2005

I baptise you…

Yes, indeed. No longer shall my pile of random scribblings be known by the unimaginitive title of "Michael's blog". As I am, indeed, a veritable dance whore, I shall henceforth proclaim that fact proudly from the top of each of my [rather too many] entries.

God, I hate it when I'm right

More importantly, I love it when I'm wrong.

I love the way that as soon as I expect to be stressed by something, I'm immediately stress-free. I love the way that things never ever turn out as bad as I expect them to. In fact, any of my reactions which I expect somehow turn out to be the opposite. But I know I'm just doing it to annoy me, so it doesn't bother me at all.

I'm sorry; I think I freaked out

Yet more random pieces of randomnity, most of them thought of yesterday but I was very tired when I got home so I didnae write then.

Pants. Brasssoc pants, to be precise. They're good, but every time I wear them my old man makes a break for freedom down one of the legs. Not ordinarily a problem, as I usually wear trousers. But I was originally given the impression that brasssoc pants were to be used for brasssoc events, such as concerts. Concerts where I will have to change [thus being in a trouserless state, albeit momentarily] in a room full of other people. This is in no way going to stop me wearing brasssoc pants on concert days, but I thought people could do with a warning so that they can look away/stare intently.

Worrying for no reason. This is something I do quite often. For confidentiality reasons, I can't say what I've been worrying about mainly this week, but can give a train of thought starting with "I'm not sure I should be doing this because of X" [X being a specific reason] and ending with "but X is why I signed up to do it", with the same X and about three days of angst to get between the two.

Reflex responses. Such as "fine" when asked how I am, or "good" when asked how Top B was. I don't intend to lie, but I just automatically say these things unless I purposefully stop myself from doing so. So, for the record what I actually intended to say was "trying to make my peace with issues looming over me of which I have no control" and "It was passable, but I would have preferred more dancing" respectively.

Finally, I'd like to complain about yesterday. Anyone else get a severe feeling that the university really didn't want anyone else around except those graduating [or at least their parents who were dishing out the dosh for momentoes]. Strange that there was an open day going on at the same time, really.

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