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January 18, 2005

The things you can learn from reading the dictionary

Flicking through my russian dictionary earlier, I spotted the word "cockchafer" [it was at the end of a page – I wasn't looking up rude words or anything]. Deciding to risk looking up what it actually was [I wasn't convinced that the obvious meaning would have an actual word], I found out that it was a type of beetle. So there you go.

I don't wanna!

Hangover gone. In fact it was gone before I woke, so I suppose that doesn't count as being hung over.

Marching pain pretty much gone [for some reason it felt like being smothered in deep heat – never had that feeling before]

Motivation gone. Already missed my 9:00. I know I should go in for my 1:00, go to the language centre for a couple of hours in my gap and go to my 5:00, but I really don't feel like it. I'd like to thank warwick blogs for giving me enough motivation to get me out of bed [even if it is only by less than a metre] and deeply regret that it hasn't given me enough motivation to stop me going back to sleep.

PS. Don't remember you giving me back the £1.50, but you might have done. In either case, keep it.

Sloshed am I? Well so is your mum!

Or rather, I'm not designed for running, you piece of crap. Don't make me run, when all I want to do is make sure you get home OK. Anyway, the delightful Chris told me that all was OK, so I hope it is. Also, a big shout out to Chelsea for being so fantastic etc. etc. If you hadn't already promised yuor children away, I'd want them.

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