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December 16, 2004

About time I did this

* What's the strangest thing you've brought with you to university?
Where do I start? If you define strangest as least useful (therefore making it strange to bring it) I'd say a vase. Made out of wicker. So it can't have water in it. So it's no good for flowers.

* Would you renationalise the railways? Why (or why not)?
Yes. Because I could.

* Whose thoughts would you most like to read?
Mine. I'd really like to know what the hell I'm thinking most of the time

* What have you lost that you'd most like to retrieve?

* What's your favourite red thing?
I'm not really a red fan. I can't think of anything red that i particularly like

* If you had the power, what laws would you make, or change, or repeal?
I'd make a "being bloody stupid" law.

* What are some things that make you nervous?
People. Clowns. Asparagus. Me. Sobriety.

* What's the best tasting food you've ever eaten?
Calamari. Second best is probably prawn cocktail.

* What's your favourite boy's name? Girl's name?
Perseus. Tatiana

* Why did you choose the course you're studying?
Coz it's what I was best at

* What's on the walls in your room? Why?
Shelves. To put things on.

* Name a CD you own that's a guilty pleasure (one you adore, but pretend not to for fear of irreversible negative social consequences). Why do you like it?
I'm not guilty of any of my CDs. I suppose the least acceptable one is one of the NOW CDs. Can't remember which number.

* What item of your friends' would you most like to have for your own?
First of all, I'd like some friends. Beyond that, probably their girlfriend.

* Where will you be in five year's time?
Still at some university.

* What one thing would you most like to accomplish with your life?
Sounds corny, but I'd like to be trusted.

* What's your favourite scary movie?
Don't watch many scary movies. Last one I saw was the Ring (japanese version)

* Who's funnier, Jim Carrey or Bill Murray?

* Have you ever been in a school play? Was it good? Were you good?
Yes. OK I suppose. I rocked.

* What's the furthest place you've ever travelled to?

* Have you ever won a trophy? What for?
As an individual, no. The brass band (with me in it) won one for playing recently

* Name a book you'd recommend to a friend. Why?
Artemis Fowl. Because it's good.

* What's the stupidest thing you've ever done?
You know, I've done a lot of very stupid things in my time, so I can't really think of which was the stupidest. Probably emptying the blender without holding the blades in place and nearly losing a toe

* What's your favourite cartoon? Why?
Does anime/manga count as a cartoon? If so then Cowboy Bebop. If you need to ask why, then you haven't seen it.

* Which animal do you most resemble in both appearance and habit?
In terms of appearance, I don't know. Habitually, probably the wooly monkey.

* What mesmerises you?
Anything. Shiny things. Swirly things. Shoulders. My own hand. Hypnotists.

* Which other universities did you apply to? Why did you choose Warwick?
Bath, Bristol, Leeds, Imperial. Warwick was first choice because of the flexibility of the course.

* Name something about yourself that people don't expect.
I read romantic poetry

* What's your favourite place on campus? Why?
I used to enjoy going for walks by the lake. I suppose now it would probably be the music centre, as i appear to live there between lectures. Social studies is also really pretty. Especially when the flowers are in bloom over the walkway thing.

* If you won £5 million, how would you spend it?
I'd buy some land, and build a hut on it. And live in the hut. With a dog. And I'd give some money away to people who have been nice to me. And also to my family.

* If you could invent a piece of technology that would improve your academic life, what would it be and why?
A thing that means you feel refreshed and not tired any more. Because I'm always tired due to doing things every night, having early mornings and no chance to nap.

* What everyday item is the most well designed? (Fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing.)
Underwear. Think about it.

* What's your favourite time of day? Why?
Evening, just after dark. It's soothing.

* Describe what you consider to be the most beautiful view in the world.
Clouds being hit by rays from the setting sun

* What are your strengths?
I am dependable and I know how to tie up a bow tie

* What is your favourite artwork on campus?
The statue in the middle of the social science bit. I've always preferred scultpture to paintings

* Which issue would make you want to become a politician?
The education system. It's going down the pan.

* Which union society would you make every other student join?
Hmm… which one need the most money?

* What is the best place to live: Leamington, Coventry, Kenilworth or on campus?
Don't rightly know. Never lived in Cov or Kenilworth.

* Which book has helped you most with your work?
I don't use many books for work. It would have to be intro to metric and topological spaces as that's the only one I've used

* What is the best thing you have done in a seminar?
I once ate a whole packet of Polos

* What is the best moment you have had in a lecture?
Good moments? Lectures? Not usually two things I associate with each other.

* What would convince you to choose a specific career?
If it interests me

* Which module would you make compulsory?
Gotta be a nice difficult one, hasn't it. Not sure.

* What was your biggest mistake in your first year?
Not taking advantage of all of the opportunities given to me

* List your top ten revision tips.
1. Make sure you have vised beforehand
2. Go through your notes copying all the important bits onto another bit of paper
3. Read the bits of your notes that you didn't copy out, because half the questions will be on that
4. Do lots and lots and lots of questions
5. The questions are more likely to be on the stuff in week 6 than the stuff at the start or end.
6. Don't panic.
7. Cover your head in cold water before going into the exam
8. Don't get pissed just before an exam
9. In the exam write down EVERYTHING. You can get marked down for not writing why you can assume a standard result.
10. Start revising early. Otherwise you'll have 23 hours of revision to do per day nearer the exam

Super organised

Today I have been very organised.

I know my timetable for next term. I have put little marks on it saying when I should be travelling, when i should be doing work outside of lectures, when i should be going to the gym, etc.
I have already ordered presents for my family and there is nothing for me to do until they arrive. Thus as far as I'm concerned, I've done all I can do about Xmas.
I have written a short essay on the nature of fear.
I have done a list of meals for the next two weeks and a shopping list of all of the ingredients required for said meals.
I have written my list of new year's resolutions already.
I have even chosen some names for my children (THAT is how far ahead I am) [In case you're wondering, they're the same names as head-me's children]

It seems the only thing I haven't done is any work.

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