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December 15, 2004

Scary dreams

Last night I had a very scary dream. Very scary. I dreamt that for some reason I was doing an arts subject!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dreamt the whole actually going to the library bit, the planning bit, the essay in understandable form and the essay in single column form. And the only getting 30% because I focussed primarily on the effect on the people and how that changed the political system of the time rather than the political changes caused directly by outside influences.

I think it's only that last thing that saved me. It seems even in my sleep I'm contemptuous of the whole system.


Yes, here are a few mantras, mottos and quotes which help me not kill myself or anyone else on a regular basis. I think there might be a tad of a trend, but that's because I use spiteful scorn to override depression.

  • Half the population is below average
  • All men envy. The strong openly, the weak in secret
  • If it's stupid, then it shouldn't be right
  • I am your God! Cower before me, mortals!
  • Better late then never
  • I'm right. Thus you're wrong. Hah!
  • Play to lose
  • You're gonna look like an idiot anyway, so you might as well do something stupid
  • Shoopity bop bop padoo bam dam da-bam shippity pah!
  • I am the rain and the rain is me. The cold is my friend.
  • Just get off your arse and do it
  • Should is just a 4 letter word. Like puce.
  • What can I do about it today?
  • Cock.

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