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January 13, 2005

Today's sqiff

Today I done sweet naff all. Seriously.
Well, I thought about what to wear to the ball. Din't decide. Ruled out a few options, though. And that's it. Din't even do the washing up or nothing. Closest I got to doing something exciting was deciding not to do something risky, using my bipolar equiprobable decider. You may know it as a coin.

Just a quick question, though. Is it possible to observe your own natural reaction in order to tell if a trend in your reactions is real? Surely the fact that you have an expected result biases your actual reactions. Thus for this experiment I will need a lot of beer until I forget what the hell it is that I'm supposed to be doing.

What to wear

I have just spent about an hour trying to decide what to wear to the MC ball. Today is a day when I'll have enough time to go out and buy what I need. Additionally, I'm gonna wanna make me a mask, and that takes time so the sooner I know what colour it should be, the sooner I can get the material, the sooner I can start making it and the more likely that it will be ready by the time of the ball.

Excuse me for a second as I try the dark blue with the black again…

Answering my own question

As Duran Duran is playing on my music box, I shall not be going away from here for another 4 minutes and 8 second, thus I shall take the time to answer my own blog question, inspired by me, created by me, for me.

Which cartoon or comic book character would you most like to be? Why?

Anyone who thought I'd say Wolverine is WRONG! The correct answer is the Shadow. He can persuade people to see anything he wants them to. He has telekenesis. He can disappear (except for his namesake). But best of all, when he saves your life he makes sure that you know that you're going to have to do something for him someday. Somehow having a network of everyday people who are willing to do what you ask of them in terms of small favours is very tempting. Also, the fact that it is not purely doing good for the sake of doing good somehow makes him a very human character, and I believe is probably better in terms of closure for most of the people rescued.

Crazy late night busses

After a quick waltz back to campus from Earlsdon [couldn't get a lift. I hate you all!] I popped in to see Tom for bit, and after discussing how easy he had things being a likkle fresher for a bit I got on a bus headed for home. Got to the Koan just as busses were arriving and the bus I got on left just after I got on. With 4 people on it. I think that was a little wasteful. OK, so 3 busses arrived at the same time. Still, with score ending at 1 [does it still end at 1?] you'd ha thought that each bus should be pretty full by the time it leaves.

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