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January 11, 2005

Spandex and gummi bear(d)s

Today I have been mostly thinking about…

…Spandex. It rocked. It was THE BEST UNION EVENT EVER. It got great reports from everyone who managed to go to it [I know there weren't that many as it was the middle of exams] but is not on the ents schedule. It better be there next term or I will hit you over the head with a piano.

…Time. Today went soooo slowly. Every time I thought I've been sitting here for at least an hour, it was just 15 minutes. By that calculation, I attended 8 of my 12 lectures for the day, managed to sit in the music centre for a good 10 hours and was on the bus for at least 5. Hmm… that only gives me 15 minutes of the day left in which to blog and sleep.

…Eggs. Realising that I had forgotten to take any meat out of the freezer I was panicking slightly as to what I would eat when I got home. Then I remembered that I had some eggs left so it was OK.

…Hubba Bubba addiction. As many of you know, my new year's resolution was to learn to blow bubble gum, as it is a skill that I never learnt as a child. Now I fear that I may be addicted. I have been known to go through up to 3 packets in a day, and often puff my way through a whole pack in one session. But there is worse. I can't stop! I know that it is bad for me; That there is a serious danger that I might get gum stuck in my beard. Still, I cannot stop doing something that gives me such a feeling of joy.


Had a bit of a crappy night due to not seeing anyone I know out, yet at 11:55 (just before I was about to leave) I met Tom. I don't know if Tom is likely to read this. Honestly I doubt it. You lightweight. BTW. You owe me a pint. Anyway, I met up with him and his lovely lovely flatmates and thusly danced the night away at a rather ace top b.

That is all.

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