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January 08, 2005

Addicted to love?

Had a thought. What if you replace the love interest in any film (especially in a romantic comedy) with drugs?

Here is an example:
Boy goes out with girl.
Boy finds problem with girl
Boy leaves girl
Boy really misses girl
Boy gets back together with girl
Boy and girl together for ever and ever
Audience goes "Aahhh! How romantic!"

Changes to:
Boy takes drugs
Boy gets told that drugs are wrong
Boy stops taking drugs
Boy misses drugs
Boy gets back on drugs
Boy and drugs live happily ever after
Audience goes "What kind of a message is that for our children?

Shopping tips

Don't go shopping when hungry.
If you do, don't get a trolley.
If you do, make sure that you are driving
If you're not, make sure that you live less than 15 minutes away from the shop
If you don't, at least make sure you buy something nice to take your mind off the numb sensation in your arms

Sleeping, shopping and cake (or, love & a sore backside)

Due to having some sleep the last 3 nights, my mind is working at full speed. Unfortunately, that means that I have an attention span of about a minute. Possibly less. About the amount of time I've spent on this paragraph, in fact.

Food. Food is good. I have run out. I am hungry. I should go shopping, but for some reason they don't like me strolling round Tesco/Asda/Sainsburys/Somerfield/Iceland/Costcutters wearing nothing but my boxers so I'll have to wash first.

And on the subject of potatoes, I need to go clothes shopping and shopping for all kinds of stuff that nobody gave me for the winter solstace celebrations. Like a toolbox [you'd have thought I'd get given that as a "useful" gift]. All I got practically was a spirit level, a mini screwdriver and a duet of towels. And pasta.

I like walls. I can tell because while I can only think of stuff for a bit before it gets boring, I can happily stare at the wall thinking and doing nothing for AGES.

Life is like a box of chocolates. Not suitable for those with nut or dairy allergies, and not worth having if you're on a diet. On a similar note, is it better to have your cake or to eat it?

I have run out of inane things to squinkle about, but don't want to move as it still hurts when I move from dancing last night [how many of you woke up thinking "my arse is REALLY sore"?]. D'oh!

Anyway, on to more serious matters which I hope to veil in a mire of flippantry. Love. What is it? It it something I think about but don't speak about [by that definition, it could be anything]. I think the Greeks had it better [as always – the cunning devils] with many different words for the different types. Does anyone know what all of the types are? As far as I can tell from my experiences, I've discovered these ones:

  • Something useful or that fulfills a purpose
  • Lust
  • The genuine desire to make someone happy
  • Something that makes you happy, even though it shouldn't
  • Serene, silent & still physical closeness
    I'm pretty sure that isn't the full lot. Oh, well.

Hunger has finally overcome my need to sit still. That is all.

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