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January 07, 2005

If you're so smart, young man…

…then tell me why skinless sausages don't fall apart.

This is one of those things that people say to try to make you look stupid and that what you know is of little relevance to real life. Doing a maths degree, this is a phrase spoken to me quite often.

Like all really easy questions, "why don't they fall apart?" is very hard to answer without thinking. It is my intention to set the record straight: contrary to the implication of the question, it is not the skin that keeps the sausage together. One could just as simply ask "why doesn't a burger fall apart?". It amounts to fundamentally the same question.

This explaination is often followed by "well, why do they put the skin on, then?". This is best answered with a withering look, followed by a brief explaination (in your most patronising voice) of how it makes it easier to get them into the right shape, how it affects the flavour, how you can add different ingredients without having to take into consideration how well it will stay together (large lumps of stuff and low meat content help it fall apart, binding agents such as egg, flour or breadcrumbs help it stick together) and how sausages were traditionally made with skins and tradition is hard to change.

Dinner party

As those of you who follow my blog will be aware, I have recently re-arranged my lounge. The new arrangemet now allows the dining table to be accessable. Therefore, like all good persons-of-dubious-sexuality I wish to have a dinner party, or at least a roast dinner for all those who want it. In liew of actual friends, anyone who RSVPs me by Sunday morning (with dietary preferences if applicable) who will be in south Leam on Sunday afternoon [time to be confirmed] and wants to pop in for some food can have some.

Tonight's score

Tonight's visit to the club formerly known as mirage gives the score:

Gay reputation: +40
Straight reputaion: -20
Pull statistics: 0/0

Hello there.

Follow-up to Things I meant to say today from Michael - Dutiful Bandsaw

This isn't a direct follow up, but I wish to say that the person whom I have expressed trust in is someone whom has also tonight expressed trust in me. I also told them that I had lost the moment in which I was going to blog about them. I lied. Although what I was going to say has disappeared as quickly as the chips I bought on the way home I want to say that I'm glad I've managed to keep control over my urges because you symbolise someone whom I can be free to speak a certain part of my mind which I would otherwise keep hidden.

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