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February 02, 2005

It appears that he's survived

Follow-up to Oli has been hospitalised from Michael - Dutiful Bandsaw

Oli has rung me from the hospital. He needs stitches but is otherwise OK

Oli has been hospitalised

That's right – My housemate, Oli has been packed off to Warwick hospital. This is due to me.

When he was brought home form Sugar just after 1, I was not in the mood to play silly buggers due to having poor sleeping patterns and an early start the next day. So despite being told to look after him, when he started trying to repeatedly kick me in the gonads I told him to fuck off and decided to leave him to his own devices. To be fair, I did listen to him go upstairs and start clumping around up there so I assumed that all was OK.

At about 1:15 I heard a very slow decending of the stairs. Well, half of the stairs. The other half were decended rather quickly. A bit too quickly. When I went to see what had happened, I found him with blood running down his face. Rather a lot of blood. Too much, by my reckoning. So I called for an ambulance [I am no longer a 999 virgin].

I suceeded in giving the details asked for. Suceeded in finding a clean cloth to hold against the wound. Did not suceed in trying to keep him still, as he suddenly made a break for his room, and I thought it better to let him get on with it, rather than try to pull him down the stairs.

Anyway, the nice ambulance people arrived and I told them what I could, and then they took him off to warwick hospital.

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