May 30, 2011

Last Blog for KBAM

Soo.. here I am.. writing the last blog for KBAM..Almost done with the PMA..KBAM.. to me was an eye opener and it gave me a deeper insight about the asset management. I have a prior knowledge to asset management because I have studied about asset management in my undergrads..

The topic of knowledge management was new to me as I never thought about this topic before  : )

To me.. asset management was the only area which can help an organization to grow and succeed.. but when I read about this topic during the presentations I came to know its importance.. knowledge management is more or less the asset management because knowledge is an asset of a company…

Employee training and investing in employees plays a very important role in a successful company because it’s the employees who run the company. Its their tacit knowledge in their heads which has to be maintained.. and if a good employee leaves the company.. it is a loss of asset as well as a loss of knowledge.. Because it’s the knowledge which has been drained out of the company…

KBAM was a very good experience.. but there is one point I want to make… doing the third PMA about wave riders has contributed to a loss of interest in doing work.. same company.. with same activities.. and more or less same assumptions…I think writing more than 15000 words on this company was not worth.. I understand that it was used as an example to make us understand different topics like leadership and knowledge management.. but I would recommend that we can use different companies in different modules because it can help in doing the work with more interest change is always good : )   … well that’s my reflection about it.. maybe I am wrong…

May 29, 2011

Asset and Knowledge management.. maintenance..(KBAM)

knowledge for a company is itself and asset for the company, its employees and its stakeholders.. so there for knowledge management is itself an asset management for the company...knowledge should be stored and there should be a record for the knowledge as its a very important tools in today's world. 

Knowledge management and asset management go hand in hand with each other... for maintenance...for example.. the data sheets for maintenance should be maintained for record and warranty slips for the machines should be kept safe so that they can be used when needed..

Regular check ups of machines and equipments should me made and their data should also be recorded in a safe place.. so that it can be seen when to check the machine for maintenance..

Maintenance can also be seen in other important stuffs like health and safety.. because.. the equipment for health and safty.. like.. cameras and fire Fire extinguisher should be checked for maintenance and they should be updated on regular basis in order to make sure that they work when they are needed...


May 27, 2011

Asset management problem (KBAM)

I come from a country which is still developing. A lot of foreign investment in being seen in Pakistan in the areas of agriculture and textile as the country in known for these products around the world. Huge factories and storage places are being seen throughout the countries which are made with the help of foreign aid and assistance.

The people who are intended to get the benefit from these factories and stores are generally very unsatisfied and complaining. The major reason for this is that there is no good system of asset management and the knowledge management,

The assets are to be looked after with the help of maintenance techniques which help the buildings and assets to work efficiently. The records of the workers who are working in these areas are usually missing or ill entered in the system. There is no check and balance on them as the safety and security of these assets are also poor and the misplacements of items and machineries are common.

The problem can be solved and many governments tried to improve the situation but failed in this course of action. May be there should be a leader to bring such a change in asset and knowledge management system?..using models like EFQM to bring such a type of change?

May 25, 2011

why dont companies spend money on training?(KBAM)

Asset and knowledge management go hand in hand with each other… asset management includes everything from maintenance to safety and building repairing… but this all has to be managed along with the management of knowledge.. to protect your important data.. and to make sure that your data is maintained and accurate…

companies must give importance to knowledge management the importance it has… I remember working as an internee in a company in my under graduation…the company dealt with chemicals which were used by textile industry..

The machinery and the building was new along with new staff.. but the poor thing was the training of staff in safety and security of these machineries

… having spent 3 million Rupees on machinery and reluctance to spend 0.5 million on training for using machine and its safety aspect.. this was poor.. I don’t understand why people spend a lot on getting new machinery while hesitate to spend a relatively small amount on training and maintenance..

May 18, 2011

Maintenance and its importance..(KBAM)

Maintenance is a very important aspect of asset management. The concept of maintenance and its implications affects almost every aspect of business. It can start from the maintenance of records to maintenance of machineries.

The aspect which has to be looked with great care is the type of maintenance policy used by the company depending on its size and capital available for maintenance. Smaller companies use preventing maintenance technique which helps them to save some money while the bigger companies may use predictive and preventive maintenance techniques both.

Maintenance chapter of a company grows as its size and activities grow so it is very important and essential for a successful company to have a successful maintenance department.

May 03, 2011

Last Blog for RDM(RDM)

Soo.. the last blog for RDM… here it goes… throughout the module… I came to know a lot of different techniques about decision making… the module was an eye opener to me… I never had an idea that decision making is a complex approach.. where you have to take in to account a lot of things…

Tools like decision tree and AHP were absolutely new to me… learning about them was a wonderful experience for me…

I see robust decision making in accordance with effective leadership… an effective leader is the one who takes a robust decision and take everyone on board… convincing them with facts and figures…

First the leadership module.. and then the decision making module… I think… this was the best combination ….

I hope I apply my understanding of these two modules in real life whenever I get a chance…

May 02, 2011

Biasness?? (RDM)

Elimination of biasness is a very important topic nowadays in the corporate world… Is this possible to eliminate it? I think it is impossible to eliminate biasness… because… it is in human nature…. We can try to minimize the level of biasness.. but to eliminate it fully… impossible…

Personal liking… favors… and many other factors like these.. can contribute to biasness.. but they can be minimized to a level of acceptance…

role of leadership can be seen here to minimize the level of biasness...a good leader first set an example for other to follow and then make sure that the level of biasness is mimimum......

Robust decision.. are afterall... free from biasness and favoritism...

May 01, 2011

Biased in internal decision making process to select employees for promotion?? (RDM)

Personal liking can be a very important factor in promotion of staff.. this biasness cannot be overlooked or ignored. The most perfect decisions, to my experience, are also affected by this problem…

How to overcome this problem? I think all the data and the performance reports of an employee should be sent to a third party to judge the person and select those people who are just on merit… however, this can also cause some problems as the third person doesn’t know the behavior and other personal qualities of the person.

Biasness can also be removed when the decision for promotion is being reviewed by many other people working around the employee. All the data should be reviewed and analyzed in order to make a robust decision.

April 29, 2011

Decision and Decision Analysis.. (RDM)

We’ve all talk about decision making at some point or other but what does it exactly mean. I wanted to throw some light on what I understand. Decision making refers to the discipline comprising the theories, philosophies, methodologies, and professional practices necessary to address important decisions in a formal manner.

Managers spend most of time making decisions in the organization. Decision analysis includes many methods, tools and procedures for identifying, clearly representing, and formally assessing the important aspects of a decision situation. Making decision is certainly the most important task of a manager and it is often a very difficult one.

Decision analysis is the discipline of evaluating complex alternatives for decision making in terms of values and uncertainty. The major concern for management is values so they are generally expressed monetarily. Higher values generally come with higher uncertainties. Furthermore, decision making and analysis provides insight for the managers how the defined alternatives differ from one another in terms of values and uncertainties and then generates suggestions for new and improved alternatives. This process it ought to happen if we want to make robust decision

April 28, 2011

group decision or the leader's decision?? (RDM)

What I am thinking is..can a correct or robust decision be taken by one person and then implemented in the organization?

What is the role of leadership in making a correct decision then?

What if the team comes up with a different decision than the decision taken by the top management

which decision should be implemented in the company…

what I believe is…a robust decision is a outcome of a group thinking.. lead by a leader who has given the team a vision and taken them on board while taking the decision…its once again a team work and team effort.. the workers who work for the company make help in making a very robust decision in buying spare parts of a certain machine..

because they are the one who use the machine and have a very good knowledge about the machine… top management cant make a good decision while ignoring the staff or the workers… 

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