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May 23, 2011


I would like to give my best wishes to all the MBE class for the future and especially for our dissertation which is creeping day by day. I would also like people to pray for me as well because seriously I do think that I need a lot of prayers especially for my dissertation. I hope you guys enjoy your remaining time at warwick.

Take care people!



KBAM has been a good learning experience, the in-module and the post module work has definitely developed my learning towards asset management, different aspects of asset management and knowledge management. It was also a very interesting experience since it was the final module with the MBE class because all of us will not take OPP together and I definitely missed the final moments of the KBAM module and especially the MBE group photo moment at the end of the presentation sessions. One unusual thing that I also noticed was that during the module, people didn’t even take a single seminar although last time we had 3 to 4 seminars because maybe there was a lot to do for the in-module presentation so maybe therefore seminars were not taken although I was expecting atleast two to three seminars during the module. Altogether it was a very good module, very informative and interesting and I also enjoyed the group work during the module.


The KBAM module seems like the end of the blogging activity as well and most probably as I have heard there will be no further blogging. Blogging has been a very good experience; it is actually a very good way of expressing yourself and sharing your opinions with others. Especially for people like me, it has been a very different experience since I never thought that I would do something like this ever and through this practice my communication skills have also improved. I personally feel if it was not about marks, many of us would have not contributed into this and that actually was a good idea to attach marks with this task. I have read many people’s blogs and I think all of us have improved a lot, when it comes to writing blogs. I prefer and enjoy blogs more than wikis since it seemed double work more than anything else and was just good as a supporting tool. I would definitely not forget this experience since I have also been making world viewable enteries and this work would always be available online. So, I think it would be a really good idea to look at this sometime in the future and remember the good old MBE days, this would surely remain as a good memory of my time at Warwick.         


There are many different approaches that can be followed for knowledge management. But there are two types of approaches which are considered to be main in  the knowledge management process. The social approach and the tecnological approach. Social approach is about interaction between people, culture and other social aspects etc where as the technological aspect refers to use of tecnology such as intranet, networks, email etc for aiding the flow of knowledge. Although people are the most important part of every organization but still only following the social aspect is not beneficial in today's IT world. therefore IT plays an important role and there is need for organizations to adopt a socio-technical approach for knowledge mangement which comprises of both the social aspects and also the technological aspects as a perfect combination for knowledge sharing and development.

The socio-tecnical approach is really imporatant since it avoids the traditional knowledge managment approach for following the social perspective. IT is very effective and effecient and can definitely aid the knowledge management process but there should be a combination of both.

We can attempt to adopt the socio-technical approach of knowledge management since we all have access to technology and it is a very effective source of knowledge sharing and communication. we can use an approach which is a combination of our people and also technology for getting better results than before.        


When we talk about the role of leadership, it is always important important for organizations in all situations at every level. In case of knowledge managment, the role of leadership is of vital importance since it determines and plays an important part in the development of culture with in an organization. Effective knowledge management cannot occur without a supportive culture and proper motivation from top management and leadership. Therefore the role of the leadership in this regard is to create an atmosphere where people can communicate effectively and there are no barriers between departments. One more important role of leadership is to motivate employees so that they recognize the importance of their involvement in the knowledge creation and inplementation process.

Therefore, it can be seen that the role of leadership is of vital importance in case of knowledge managment. The knowledge management process cannot be succesful without involvement from them since they are the biggest source of influence within the organization.

We have to play our role as leaders within the knowledge managment process, if we get the chance to lead a company in the future. There is a need to play the role of a motivator and facilitator for effective flow of knowledge since it can bring our organization great success and might bring competitive advantage as well.  

May 22, 2011


Since environmental management is very important, there is a need to apply knowledge to it. For organization to effectively tackle their environmental knowledge, environmental knowledge management systems are really important. They help people to gather knowledge about the environment through different procedures and that knowledge could be used to come up with a effective environmental policy for the organization. It is basically the usage of people as well as technology to handle the knowledge from different sources, regarding the environment. The databases and different types of technologies can aid organizations in gathering important information and knowledge about best practices within the industry etc and then develop a proper strategy for their organization.

These managment systems are really important since they can aid in environmental decision making and also solution to different environmental problems. It is a proper framework especially to handle the environmental issues and could be beneficial for organization.

We can use environmental knowledge management systems in our organizations to make a serious effort towards minimizing the environmental problems that would definitely bring good results for our organization.    


When we talk about approahces, there are many different environmental approaches that people use in their organizations and bussnisses. Especially in case of the environmental problems, ost of the people tend to use reactive approaches which are basically the core of all the problems since people are not very considerate towards their environment. The reactive approach is to act as a reaction to a consiquence and in this case addressing an environmental problem when it has already caused the damage. The reactive approach is not an effective approach since it not even shows the ignorance towards such important issues but is also not financially feasible for an organization. The proactive is thinking about environmental problems before hand and figuring out an appropriate solution and maybe an ecodesign at tehe designing stage so that hazards and consequences can be avoided. 

It is really important to know the treand of the people towards their environment and these approache show us that. If people care about there surroundings they will definitely adopt a proactive approach which would also help them to earn good reputation among people and would actually be cheaper and better than paying penalties afterwards.

We need to adopt a proactive approah towards the environment since it is the need of the time and a there is a need to properly plan and design products and processes before hand so that harmful effects can be eliminated.      


The term environmental technology is really new to me since terms like these are not very common in the third world developing countries. Environmental technolohy is basically technology that is environmental friendly. It is also a very common phenomena within the environmental terms and also refers to the development of technology which is in line with the environment. It is emphasized greatly all over the world considering the harmful effects of the industries on the environment. There is a strong trend to follow and develop environmnetal technologies especially in the west since the awareness is very much there among the people regarding the environmental damage caused by human activities and also its consequences.

It is really important in today's world especially when industrialization is increasing tremendously and more and more businesses are increasing their usage of advanced technology, there is a definite need to develop and use environmental technology.

For people like me, it is our duty to create awareness when we go back to our countries since it is not really there and people do not know the possible consequences that might arise out of the traditional powerful technologies. There is a need to do sustainable development, which is the core of environmental technology.


Organizational knowledge management system is a framework for the management of the flow of knowledge within an organization. It act as a good tool for gathering the explicit and implicit knowledge and then use them to innovate and improve. It emphaiszes the adoption of a socio-technical approach for organizations to manage their knowledge effectively. Therefore an emphasis is not only on the culture, people but only on technological perspectives. It combines organizational learning with knowledge managment and the usage of technological tools as intranet, databases to gather and implement effctive knowledge. Although the social aspect is very very important but it still highlights the technological perspective to aid the social aspect and in todays world tecnology has become inevitble.

the importance of organizationalknowledge management can be seen by the fact that helps organization to developnew opportunities for improvement and growth. Since the knowledge is the key ingredient for improvement and innovation, that is why a knowledge managemnet system has to be in place for an organization to succeed.

We should definitely create awareness about the importance of knowledge management and knowledge management systems within the organizations, which could also be a source of competitive advantage.   


There have been a lot of ISO standards in the past which have been adopted by many companies around the world. They basically certify the companies who comply with their claws. The ISO 1401 is an environmental management standard. It is basically a guidline for the industrial and business people to improve their environmental practices and cary out more more safer activities. It acts as a framwork for the organizations to follow, so that they can know about the problems and the restrictations when it comes to environmental problems, emmisions, pollution etc. The certified companies not only get a certificate to satisfy their customers but it also enhances their public and industrial image and helps to increase their customer loyalty since due to the severe environmental problems today people want to deal with environmentally concious organizations. It is also a part of a requirement in many countries for organizations to carryout their activities.

It is a very important standard since it helps organizations to become more environmental concious and friendly and act as a framework for them to follow and improve their activities. Many companies try to follow the standard since it is a good way of enhancing their public image and is beneficial for them in the long run.

We can use this standard in the future as a guidance to meet the environmental requirements and minimize the emmisions and waste fromk our processes. Therefore it is a effective environmental management approach.


Eco-design is an approach which empohasizes on the development of products with the minimum environmental degradation. It helps to design the products considering the environmental aspect and therefore the main focus is on the designing stage and is a proactive approach that is more beneficial since lot of the problems even start from the designing stage. It takes into account the whole life cycle of the product from its designing till the disposal so that their is no harm caused by the product to the environment through out that period. Design for envieonment and eco-design, both have more or less the same motives which is to be considerate to the environment. It makes sure that harmful materials are not used, minimum emmisions are done and therefore helps to minimize the effects of a product on the environment. It is being adopted by many organizations and has brought good results for the environment.

It is a very important technique since the motive is to design greener products and keep the environment safe from the harmful effects of the business activities. Since, it aids to monitors the product in respect of its whole life cycle therefore it is a more useful technique than many other approaches.

This approach can definitely be adopted by organizations to minimize its emmisions and keep its processes safe and it can definitely help them to make more greener products and fulfill their duties towrds the environment. We can definitely use this technique in the future as an eefective approach towards environmental management.    

May 20, 2011


While applying knowledge management within an organizations, different aspects can be taken into consideration. Although knowledge management is simply gatheration of knowledge from different internal and external sources, sharing it with the organizational members and then applying that knowledge to innovate and improve. The knowledge could be gathered through the interaction between people of the organizationa and it is also shared among them. There are two types of knowledge; tactic and explicit. Tactic knowledge is one that reffers to mental models and what is inside the minds of teh employees whereas teh explicit is the one that is recorded and already available. Although, the knowledge can be gathered through the social aspect but it could also be gathered through technology. Through the use of networks and other mediums like intranets that can act as knowledge transfer mediums. The more preferred approach  that teh organizations foolow today is the combination of both the social aspect as well as the technological aspect. Since technology is a very effective medium for communication and sharing therefore it is very popular and used widely in today's world.

There is a need for organizations to consider the technological aspect as well since it has become inevitable. It is the need of the time to adopt a socio-technical approach for knowledge management within organizations.

People should realize the importance of knowledge management and especially the use of effective techniques that can aid the process of knowledge gathering and implementation, for the purpose of organizational growth and success.          


Design for environment is an approach that was developed for the minimization and reduction of pollution and other environmental hazards from the products and processes. It was also designed to minimize the emissions during the manufacturing process and reduce the waste and scrap that is created. It also takes into consideration the health and safety aspect. DFE is also targeted towards the safety of the environment and encourages the idea of designing the products with lesser and non toxic materials, safer packaging, reduce the energy usage and increasing the environmental friendly features instead of that. It also helps to achieve the management goals along with no negative environmental impacts. Since more and more awareness has been created regarding the environmental issues and the by products of those issues therefore the programs like design for environment are being appreciated and followed by many businesses and industries.

The importance of this program can be seen through the fact that it is playing an important role in the environmental protection and many large multinational organizations like HP, IBM are using it as a framework for designing safer products. Therefore the design for environment approach and its tools can be used to make products and services that not only meet organizational objectives but also environmental expectations.     


Life cycle assessment is basically an approach that is adopted to counter the environmental impacts that might occur due to that product. It helps to assess the product's harmful impacts throughout its life cycle, from the product designing stage till the time when it gets disposed. So, it helps to monitor the impacts that the product might cause to the surrounding throughout its life cycle. It has four phases: goal and scope definition, inventory analysis, impact assessment and interpretation. It is also known as the cradle to grave approach and is helps to improve product and process through indepth monitoring.

It is a very important technique especially in case of environmental mangement because its main purpose is to keep the environmental perspective in tact through out the life cycle of a product. It definitely helps to reduce and minimize the harmful impacts and is used all over as an imporatant tool for effective environmental management. So, it can be used as an effective tool for policy making and as a decision support tool.   

May 19, 2011


Since, I have chosen the environmental management aspect out of all the asset management aspects for Wave Riders. So, now I have to link the knowledge management aspect with environmental management and show that how the environmental management for Wave Riders can be improved and can achieve excellence through the application of knowledge management process. I have got to learn a lot about different environmental management practices through my research and also about many aspects of the knowledge management process. For effective knowledge management to take place we have to put in place an effective knowledge management framework. Through that framework we can gather data regarding the environmental problems and practices and then apply them according to our company's scenario.

I think this is an important PMW since we have got the chance to do in depth research on our choice of asset management aspect and then also have to put knowledge management into play to improve the environmental aspect.

This knowledge about different aspects of asset management will help us in our future to improve our company's asset management practices and the combination of knowledge management along with that, will definitely improve the results even further.      


The environmental management is basically about how we can keep our environment as safe as possible and protect it through different potential threats. The human activities are causing great damage to the environment and with the increase in industrialization, the situation is becoming even more alarming. Global warming is also a phinomenon that has been caused through dangerous human activities. So, when we look it in an organizational context the environmental management is basically about reducing harmful wastes, using harmless raw materials and developing safer processes. Through environmental management practices we can reduce the effect of human activities to our environment and that is why many companies around the globe are now starting to act upon the environmental threats that have been caused through their own actions.

The environmental management is a really imporatant approach since it helps to make the environment safe and helps to protect it from different possible threats. Therefore, it is really necessary to realise the importance of this practice since it is inevitable in today's world.

Through learning about different environmental problems we can certainly make our organizational processes more safer and environmentla friendly and also increase the awareness among the people of our organization to fulfill our duties towards our environment.         

May 18, 2011


Well, what I have gathered from the post module assignment question is that we have to pick up one asset management aspect of our own choice and apply knowledge management to that particular aspect and present how we can improve that aspect through the application of knowledge. Well, it seems a pretty tough task right now just like the in-module work since I am not completely done with my PMA work. I have gone through a lot of literature about the knowledge management and how we can apply it to different aspects but what's challenging is that how we can apply the concept to a particular aspect. I have not  found a lot of literature regarding that. I have selected the environmental management aspect since I find it pretty interesting. So basically now we have to come up with a certain knowledge management framework to improve this aspect of our company Wave Riders. I am sure many people would be facing problems regarding the application of knowledge management to their chosen aspect since knowledge managemnet is a very broad topic and it is not easy to pick out certain things out of the whole subject and apply them because all seem really important. I wish that all of us will be able to figure out all of this and wana wish best of luck to everyone.    

May 03, 2011


The RDM module has been a very good experience. Both, the in-module work and the PMW has been very interesting and challenging as well. There was a lot to learn during the module week and especially the final presentations were really interesting and impressive. The group work during the module was also a very different experience as well. The post module work was also a challenge since we had to write about the whole decision methodology within 2000 word limit and it demanded us to write precise and to the point stuff which is a challenge in itself since we are use to writting long PMAs and this was therefore a different experience. Altogether it seemed kind of a small module than the normal ones that we had throughout the degree although it was two weeks long only because there were not many lectures and also because of the length of the final assignment.  

I have emphasized this point alot of times that learning about many different has been a very good experience which will definitely be fruitful in the future. I really hope that we will all get the chance to implement all of this important learning in the future. I am myself definitely going to try a few of these tools, especially the easier ones like the Grid and the Trade-off analysis in the future if a situation rises. Altogether, it was a good interesting experience and the learning was really good as well.       


I have thoroughly enjoyed bloging throughout the MBE degree and it has been a very good experience because it is a source of learning for all of us. When we read blogs from our other collegues, we certainly learn a lot and and they also learn from us. But while writting the reflection for the RDM module I felt kind of boring because of the fact that I knew that I have already discussed almost all of these points already and it is like writting the same thing again and again which is kind of boring and for me personaly blog writting has always been fun but reflective writting is not very interesting since it is the repeatation of the same thing. I really do not get the idea of writting a reflection within the final PMA along with all the bloging stuff even though it is only 500 words or so. My personal opinion is to have one of the two things and I would definitely suggest blogging instead of PMA reflection because it is about writting about your day to day learnings and reflections and is something interesting. But if the whole idea is about making those people write, who don't actually write blogs otherwise than it is understandable. But still I don't know the actual reason behind this. This is something that I just wanted to share.       


Decision making is an activity that can be carried out in many different ways. Some people like to make random decisions even in many imporatant situations whereas some people take decisions very carefully by keeping everything in mind and by considering many important factors. During the in-module work although all the people took decisions using more or less the same information and had the same tools available to chose from for reaching those decisions but still the criteria of decision making and the selection of tools was different. Many people chose to select very few important tools and used them for decision making and they did a lot of deep research realted to those tools whereas many groups also selected many tools and my group was among those few groups because the idea was to make the decision as effective and as robust as possible. Although we can't say that which approach was right but still both have their pros and cons. People choosing many tools didn't properly get the chance to look at them in great depth whereas the groups who selected  very few tools didn't get the chance lo learn about many other tools that were also available.

So, different people and groups can have different preferences and strategies towards decision making and there is no one right approach towards anything and it really important to learn about the other approaches that could have been adopted and were followed by other people because gives us the chance to learn and do better in the future and avoid that if it was not a successful approach. I personaly feel that it is better to do few things properly than go for many things and don't do well at any of them but that certainly does not mean that we as a group did not do well at all thew approaches. Although we did think that it would be difficult to use so many tools but we still managed to do a very good job at the end. It basically depends on your passion and how much effort you put in your work.