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May 30, 2011

Last Blog for KBAM

Soo.. here I am.. writing the last blog for KBAM..Almost done with the PMA..KBAM.. to me was an eye opener and it gave me a deeper insight about the asset management. I have a prior knowledge to asset management because I have studied about asset management in my undergrads..

The topic of knowledge management was new to me as I never thought about this topic before  : )

To me.. asset management was the only area which can help an organization to grow and succeed.. but when I read about this topic during the presentations I came to know its importance.. knowledge management is more or less the asset management because knowledge is an asset of a company…

Employee training and investing in employees plays a very important role in a successful company because it’s the employees who run the company. Its their tacit knowledge in their heads which has to be maintained.. and if a good employee leaves the company.. it is a loss of asset as well as a loss of knowledge.. Because it’s the knowledge which has been drained out of the company…

KBAM was a very good experience.. but there is one point I want to make… doing the third PMA about wave riders has contributed to a loss of interest in doing work.. same company.. with same activities.. and more or less same assumptions…I think writing more than 15000 words on this company was not worth.. I understand that it was used as an example to make us understand different topics like leadership and knowledge management.. but I would recommend that we can use different companies in different modules because it can help in doing the work with more interest change is always good : )   … well that’s my reflection about it.. maybe I am wrong…

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