October 10, 2008

Slow Art Trail – More Poems

Writing about web page http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/gallery/2008/oct/02/conservation.climatechange?picture=338126299

I am again sorry for the delay in posting these photos. When I am not teaching poetry I am writing it, and am cantering into a longer poem about a Horse Fair just now.

Here, dear poets and bloggers, are some more of those elm haiku and slow art trail poems including the Barden Tower piece, a found poem from Dorothy Wordsworth's Journal, and the Leaf Light sequence. Oh, and I have been told by my betters to state that all words and concepts are under copyright. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

As a news update, I have been working with a fantastic film-making team on a poetry film. Final edits are being done and I recorded some voice-overs last night. The whole thing is looking good (the camera work and editing are really special) and I hope we can have this film live on the web next week.

Invisible Map

Haiku on Elm

Leaf Letters

Haiku on Elm: sorry about photo

The Want of It

'The Want of It' on easel of hazel looking to Valley of Desolation

Green Woodpecker on Elm

Green Woodpecker Haiku on Elm

Barden Tower

'Barden Tower' on Fabric

Leaf Lit

Leaf Lit sequence on fallen wood

Leaf Light

Leaf Flight

Under Strid Wood

Under Strid Wood Haiku on Elm

Red Plough

The Red Plough riffed of Carlos Williams on Elm

The Plough with Gabriel

That's my son Gabriel, very pleased with this red plough if not the poem about it...

Barden site poem

Viewpoint to Barden Tower from Strid Wood with poem on easel of hazel.


Fly Agaric Haiku on Elm

Xmas Tree Plantation

Poem sited on easel of hazel as you approach Christmas Tree Plantation


Haiku on Elm about Ramsons, lines of which have now been engulfed within the new 340-line epic 'Hedgehurst' (a poem told from the point of view of a mythic creature who is half-man and half-hedgehog).


Kate Maddison took some of the haiku and did this brilliant fabric work.


I am very pleased with how my four 'Leaf Letters' turned out here. My next task is to realise these from leaf litter, once the trees have turned, and these colours captured naturally in the leaves themselves.

Poems 2

More of Kate Maddison's excellent fabric versions of my poems.


My poem 'Proserpina' acting as the official bus stop for the Slow Art Trail. The poem travelled back and forth to Skipton and reported that she found the companionship of her travellers beneficial to her lineation.

but is it art?

Wood and Word Worms Within the Walls.

Inside the Bird Hide

Inside the Bird Hide on the back wall - fifteen 'bird poems' on fabric. The syntax and shape of the poems mimic the call, movement and nests of the species.

Close up

A closer look at those bird hide poems - Kate cleverly cast the poems on a huge piece of fabric that can be wound up, almost like a map, on a rod of hazel.


Haiku on Elm: 'The Marriage of Strid Trees to those in The Valley of Desolation'

Moles Haiku

Haiku on Elm about Moles - Let's just say that Gabriel had a hand in this one.

Slow art trail

Slow Art Trail poster.

There are many more poems and installations I could put up, but I shall leave off here as I feel I am neglecting the new poems I have to write.

Enough downloading [ed.]. More news of the poetry film next time around.

Comments and commissions are very welcome. I have boys to feed.

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  1. Crafty Green Poet

    Looks like a wonderful trail, what an excellent idea, i hope it succeeds in engaging loads of new poetry fans

    12 Oct 2008, 10:28

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