November 09, 2009

Romany Names for Counties and Towns

Most of the good folk who talked with me after my reading at Aldeburgh on Saturday wanted to know more aboutaldeburgh the Romany names for British counties and towns. This is the list from Burrow's Romany Lavo-Lil:

Baulo-mengreskey tem Swineherds' country, Hampshire

Bitcheno padlengreskey tem Transported fellows' country, Botany Bay

Bokra-mengreskey tem Shepherds' country, Sussex

Bori-congriken gav Great church town, York

Boro-rukeneskey gav Great tree town, Fairlop

Boro gueroneskey tem Big fellows' country, Northumberland

Chohawniskey tem Witches' country, Lancashire

Choko-mengreskey gav Shoemakers' town, Northampton

Churi-mengreskey gav Cutlers' town, Sheffield
Coro-mengreskey tem Potters' country, Staffordshire
Cosht-killimengreskey tem Cudgel players' country, Cornwall
Curo-mengreskey gav Boxers' town, Nottingham
Dinelo tem Fools' country, Suffolk
Giv-engreskey tem Farmers' country, Buckinghamshire
Gry-engreskey gav Horsedealers' town, Horncastle
Guyo-mengreskey tem Pudding-eaters' country, Yorkshire
Hindity-mengreskey tem Dirty fellows' country, Ireland
Jinney-mengreskey gav Sharpers' town, Manchester
Juggal-engreskey gav Dog-fanciers' town, Dudley
Juvlo-mengreskey tem Lousy fellows' country, Scotland
Kaulo gav The black town, Birmingham
Levin-engriskey tem Hop country, Kent
Lil-engreskey gav Book fellows' town, Oxford
Match-eneskey gav Fishy town, Yarmouth
Mi-develeskey gav My God's town, Canterbury
Mi-krauliskey gav Royal town, London
Nashi-mescro gav Racers' town, Newmarket
Pappin-eskey tem Duck country, Lincolnshire
Paub-pawnugo tem Apple-water country, Herefordshire
Porrum-engreskey tem Leek-eaters' country, Wales
Pov-engreskey tem Potato country, Norfolk
Rashayeskey gav Clergyman's town, Ely
Rokrengreskey gav Talking fellows' town, Norwich
Shammin-engreskey gav Chairmakers' town, Windsor
Tudlo tem Milk country, Cheshire
Weshen-eskey gav Forest town, Epping
Weshen-juggal-slommo-mengreskey tem Fox-hunting fellows' country,
Wongareskey gav Coal town, Newcastle
Wusto-mengresky tem Wrestlers' country, Devonshire

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  1. I recognise THAT view! Hope you enjoyed Aldeburgh. Fresh fish, indeed.

    10 Nov 2009, 16:54

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