June 18, 2010

Poetry from the Dark Side

Writing about web page http://blogs.warwick.ac.uk/warwickchallenges/

or Finger Counting in the Dark...

moonProfessor David Morley presents the eighth Poetry Challenge "in which we play, very seriously, with language. This episode is a two for the price of one podcast about writing poems using syllabics and subverting forms of poetry.

Prof Morley challenges you with an exercise in precise patterning and also to write a sequence of Dark Side Limericks, the kind of limericks Darth Vader might write between battles.

Don't be shy about sharing your responses to this poetry challenge here on the blog where others will be able to appreciate them.

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  1. Kerry

    David, hi
    I listened to the last few minutes of Late Night Live with you and Phillip Adams.
    I was quite amazed – you claimed that Australopithecus Africanus was killed off by
    a – global warming
    b – global warming in this instance caused by colliding galaxies.
    I think this is absurd on both fronts, but maybe I am wrong. Where did you get such information from?

    I believe A.africanus became “extinct” in the process of evolving, and I can’t figure out how galaxies, which collide all the time, could raise the temperature of earth! This isn’t science I recognize.
    Thanks, Kerry Chiver, Melbourne.

    02 Apr 2013, 13:12

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