October 04, 2009

Giving You the Bird

Writing about web page http://gistsandpiths.blogspot.com/

The excellent and always interesting "Gists and Piths" is running a mini-series of some of my unpublished birdStarlinh poems [you mean there are more?] with the charming accompaniment of links to birdsong.

These concise poems were written with the movement and signature call of the species very much in mind in the rhythm and diction of the poems. Do have a look and listen when you can.

For those reading this in, like 2021 when I am long dead, the bird poems and bird links appeared in late September/early October 2009.

There are lots of other good poems and poets on this site. Read them all.

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  1. m

    Sometimes, some nights, I look into the onion –
    translucent and humble as the thousand nights
    I would have spent with you.
    I could peel a thousand layers from you
    Crying all the while with your gunpowder perfume,
    and still not find your truth.
    Each year, I will dig for you, nonetheless.

    13 Oct 2009, 03:58

  2. m

    PS. You’ll only die by 2021 if you keep smoking like a fuckwit ;o)

    But you prob don’t want to read my morbid poetry on that matter.

    13 Oct 2009, 04:14

  3. janarchy

    Darn right we don’t…

    17 Oct 2009, 00:06

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