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November 23, 2010

Here is a Story to Return You to the Surface of Earth.

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Skeleton Bride by Peter Blegvad from Enchantment by David Morley

                             'The Skeleton Bride' by Peter Blegvad

From 'The Skeleton Bride' by David Morley in Enchantment

Light up, phabaràv, kindle the kind wood

for the rose of the moon is opened; the camp

nested in darkness; our dogs snore in their heap.

Prala, you are chilled. Seal your eyes when you will.

Those lamenting tents might then fall silent.

Our women are waiting on your rule of sleep.

Here, take my blanket stitched with flame.

Weave what warmth you can from what I say.

Keep listening, more like overhearing I know.

Don’t heed the wind’s gossip in the trees. Those elms

lie. Oaks over-elaborate. I have coppiced them all

for my word fires. Here is an ember to light you.

Here is a story to return you to the surface of earth.

David Morley's new poetry collection Enchantment is due soon from Carcanet Press, with original drawings by Peter Blegvad. Order it now at

Atching Tan, a Stopping Place

Writing about web page

Vardo by Harwood.Jerry Creative Commons

A Romany play “Atching Tan” is on Radio 4 at 2.15pm on the 23rd November (today). There is a link to the webpage.

It’s by Dan Allum and The Romany Theatre Company. I’ve worked with them at Arvon. Listen out for this.

Atching Tan BBC website page

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