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September 01, 2008

Ecopoetry and the Natural World

Writing about web page

Posforth Gill by David MorleyThis elegant new website hosts poetry that takes ecology or nature as its theme. It arose originally from the work of a number of good poets who took part in a course of the same name that I ran at Maddy Prior’s house, Stones Barn, earlier this year.

Now the website has a life of its own. As the editor makes clear:

Contributions from poets who share this interest are welcome…Each edition of the site features a writing challenge. Responses to the challenge are read by a guest editor who chooses a selection for publication on the website. In the archive, you will find a selection of poems and background information as to how this site came about. The archive contains poems that were the starting point for this website. All the poems were written during or immediately after a Poetry School course at Stones Barn in Cumbria.

I recommend this site and look forward to its development.


The waterfall above is Posforth Gill near Bolton Abbey. I wrote a caligramme based on its shape and flow which I may post soon - if that is possible of course (a photo would be better). More news on the launch of the Strid Wood public art trail soon.

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