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November 10, 2007

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation
Not rated
I was told it was dull, boring and unbelievably tedious. I found it fascinating, surely one of the best films I have watched recently. I think you have to have been in such a situation to thouroughly appreciate this film. I enjoyed every scene, every piece of music, each setting. The photography was phenomenal, the actors very convincing and brilliant. People dont realize how big a shock living in another country, another culture, might cause. Sofia Coppola gives us a very realistic, ironic and deep insight of what is like being hit by the impact of another culture, it's really impressive. I am still amazed to find out how much you can change in a different country and how much a different culture can affect your personality and choices, in a good and bad way. Definitely a must see for all those who have been abroad at least once. Not recommended to those who enjoy a fast speed and engaging film. This is a film to taste. Brilliant, particularly because it splendidly exemplifies (perfectly and cleverly summarized by the title) the most recent theories of translation studies according to which translating in never just translating a language into another language, a text into another, but it is about translating a whole culture into another. How fascinating!

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