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November 10, 2007

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation
Not rated
I was told it was dull, boring and unbelievably tedious. I found it fascinating, surely one of the best films I have watched recently. I think you have to have been in such a situation to thouroughly appreciate this film. I enjoyed every scene, every piece of music, each setting. The photography was phenomenal, the actors very convincing and brilliant. People dont realize how big a shock living in another country, another culture, might cause. Sofia Coppola gives us a very realistic, ironic and deep insight of what is like being hit by the impact of another culture, it's really impressive. I am still amazed to find out how much you can change in a different country and how much a different culture can affect your personality and choices, in a good and bad way. Definitely a must see for all those who have been abroad at least once. Not recommended to those who enjoy a fast speed and engaging film. This is a film to taste. Brilliant, particularly because it splendidly exemplifies (perfectly and cleverly summarized by the title) the most recent theories of translation studies according to which translating in never just translating a language into another language, a text into another, but it is about translating a whole culture into another. How fascinating!

Ciampino Airport

Today was absolutely unbelievable at the airport. Never seen so many people checkin in. It was so crowded we could hardly get inside the airport, we really struggled, it was a scandal. Lack of organization. But there is more to it. I went through the metal detector, put my stuff on the belt, they asked me to remove my laptop - a brand new macbook - and put it in a tray. There were so many passengers and yet such few people from security. Trays from the belt just piled up as security kept shouting to get a move. I was being searched and was asked to remove my shoes. In the meantime the blue trays with the passengers' belongigs kept piling up until they all fell from the belt, included the tray with my laptop. I shouted and demanded to see a manager as I wanted to make an official complaint. They wouldn't listen as it was so busy. I kept arguing and started venting against the airport and the ineffiency of the staff. If Ciampino is not prepared to cope with such a number of passenger they should start thinking about adopting serious measures to improve the service: why not having more staff employed seeing that the real problem of Italy is the lack of jobs available? This could prevent the airport from destroying passengers' belongigs. I am stunned and appaled by the poor service and the pathetic scene I had to witness today, particularly because I know very well that nothing can be done to claim a refund or simply to make people aware of the lack of seriousness and professionalism at Ciampino airport. They dropped my laptop and all they could say was "it's not broken is it, why dont check will you", in a thick roman accent which demonstrates the incapacity by the staff handle such an unpleasant and serious situation speak standard Italian as it is required in formal environment where not everyone knows the roman dialect. 
Things like this never happened to me in a UK airport.

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