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November 29, 2012

The business of mobile

A colleague of mine forwarded an e-mail from a company offering to redesign his website to make it mobile friendly. He thought I had spoofed him because I am always going on about the fact that businesses think they have done their bit by just having a website, without really thinking about the devices people are using to access them. A classic example of this is a site that I saw advertised on the side of a car (in Lidl car park of all places). I put the address into my phone and nothing came up, turned out the site was Flash based so immediately unavailable to iphone/ipad users. I actually e-mailed them to point this out. A few weeks later a completely new site could be found at the same address, one optimised for mobile devices! I suggested to my web design students that they contact companies and offer to redesign their sites to make them mobile friendly (which is exactly what this company that contacted my colleague was offering) but there wasn't much enthusiasm for that idea, horse to water and all that...

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