September 19, 2013

The Journey

It all began on the 1st of October 2012. I came into warwick. all alone, my whole family back at home. I could say I was a naive girl regards so many things that I now know. I was scared and at the same time so excited to experience the British culture, and especially the weather and how it was like to live in a developed country. I looked forward to the teaching and lectures and basically how it was to study in the UK. I have to admit my journey has been one amazing one.

I remember the first question Paul asked us was what was our greatest fear and mine at the time was failure. Surrounded by very intelligent classmates, I wondered whether I would compete favoroubly and whether I would match up to what was exoected of me. Slowly as days went by, I changed my attitude about education. It was not so much a competition anymore, but making sure I get as much as I can from my classmates and tutors and warwick in general. This would allow me to help and seek help whenever possible and to just enjoy learning.

Like my undergraduate degree, I realized pretty soon that it is very easy to graduate with a distinction and it all depended on one's effort and how bad they want it. I agree that sometimes things just don't go as one plans them to, but as long as you give it your all, you know you have no regrets and you will leave warwick proud of all your achievements.

Everything went well, all the lectures, my classmates, everything went welll. I admit there were some modules I wish I did more than I did and there are those that were somewhat boring, but all in all, I loved every experience I got.

What I can advice new students is to make sure they study hard and take seriusly each and every module they take. Even if they may be boring, each tutor has something to say and its funny but you will more or less remember lectures or what was said as much as you remember something you read on your own. Its the effort that counts. I know everybody can get distinctions and it is very very possible to get them. Everything is possible, it depends on what you want ot get.

Expect a lot of team work tasks that will either make you a better person or break you. Be prepared to deal with people from different cultures and walks of life who think very differently from you. Sharing knowledge and information will go a long way. You cannot survive as a loner and you have to make friends and be accomodative to all. Be prepared ot work very hard and long hours sometimes but the rewards are great. When you get that distinction, it will be worth it. I guess there are times you will wish you did a different course, but for me I did not. But it will get tough, especially during the dissertation. Start early and you will finish early.

I developed team working skills, critical thinking as this will either make or break your life at warwick. You have to learn to be critical and I am still learning by the way. Reading and note making skills and I would strongly recommend you to attend the skills portfolio ward scheme. It will build you as a person and broaden your skill set to being assertive, speedy reading, career etc. This workshops may be time consuming but they helped me gain a lot from warwick and I recommend them fully. Just plan yourtime table well to be able to fit this in as it takes two terms to complete. You get a certificate in the end so uts worth it. And if you can volunteer, please do. It is so rewarding to help and volunteer with warwick volunteers and you get to braden your team working skills further and depending on how much time you give to volunteering, you get a certificate. I am happy I got a certificate for volunteering more than 20 hours and a certificate for the skills portfolio award. Do as many things as you can as this will help build you. I am proud ot say I will leave warwick with 4 certificates. Now that was one great year I tell you.

It will be one great fantastic year for you guys as well and for anyone doing whatever they may be doing.The road may be tough, but in the end, you will look back and actually feel sad its all over and wish you could do it again, I know I do. MBE is not hard, but neither is it easy. It will be as hard or easy as you make it..the choice is yours.

For me it ended on 12th September after my viva, which in my opinion was sort of tough but the results were amazing! I look back at that year and I made so many friends, learnt alot, gave alot as well, was stressed at times, happy, tired, etc but all that made my year one year I will never forget. I wish you all the best and I know you will all make it successfullly. Being a christian, I cannot forget to say, I could not have done it without God. For me, my success is all because of God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. You may not agree with me but even if you don't agree, just know the ony way you can make it is with God's help so I dare you to trust Him as you start or continue.

Paul is one amazing, awesome tutor who will not push you or stress you. He will help and listen to you when in need. I will actually miss him alot. All the tutors in MBE are amazing so look forward to each of your modules.

I will leave you with this saying that is very very true, " if you think you can, or you can't, either way, you are right"

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