September 21, 2004


looks everyone like tuesday night is off the books officially, but i think we'll be able to swing somehting on thursday in leamington…

September 15, 2004

induction week dooooos

so comments on din dins during induction week…

again – wow

well this has been interesting…. i've made some honest comments with the best of intentions…. :) one thing i've found about living in this country for the past few years is that making outlandish statements usually guarantees a response. and there we go.

ben – it was not my intention to sound harsh – i've been in correspondence with the powers that be to fully endorse their project – i'm just simply miffed that i can't migrate my pages at to the blogs site because of the formating they've chosen.

that's all. anyhow – email blogging would be great. this is going to work well for teaching…. yippe!!

September 14, 2004

wow – warwick blogs

well this is interesting to say the least – blogs at warwick u. too bad they're rather boring layouts and not really custom at all. that's just annoying and useless, kind of like getting a piece of art from ikea and putting it as the centre piece in your living room. how quaint. yet i guess i'm doing it aren't i?

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