October 31, 2014

My Way of Being Productive #1

Hello there!

This is my first attempt to document what I do to keep my productivity level as high as it can be, in a hope that it may provide some assitance to people who are still search for the best productivity workflow as a student or a researcher. On every post in this series (I hope I can manage to make this as a series), I'll reveal one specific application that I use, how I use it, what makes it ticks, and what other possible ways to re-purpose it to fit into our busy life - to make things a little more manageable.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. I am using a Mac, so I'll be reviewing apps that are specific to Macintosh machines. But I'll state if the apps have its Windows counterpart.

Aaaaannd for the first app... it's the aText app, from Tran Ky Nam Software.


aText is an application that helps you type faster by a set of pre-defined rules. You can use this app to fit any purpose really. If there's a really long phrase that you have to type repeatedly in your essay, this nifty little app comes handy.

For example, I have to use a lot of terminologies like 'Open Online Community of Practice', 'Definition of Online Communities', 'Social Presence' and the like, in my essays. With aText installed, I can set the app to type for me 'Open Online Community of Practice' by simply typing 'OOCP' and right after I hit the spacebar, the full phrase will magically appear, replacing the OOCP 'shorthand'.

This app is really useful for lazy people like me :)

There are so many features in thsi little app that I haven't had the chance to use them. One of it is the ability to insert image anywhere when you typed in the specified abbreviation. Nifty! but I can't think of anything useful for that yet. Maybe instead of replying to your mate with a generic smiley face :), you can trigger the app to replace the ':)' with an image of you smiling? Possible.

I also use this app when I'm reading through journal articles and making hashtags for my annotation. I use hashtags so that I can search them again in the future. For this, you need a PDF or a reference manager, which I will share with you in my future posts.

Oh, and yes, I use this app to make my coding easier (lazy me!)... see the image below to get the idea.


Haha! :P

To get the app, just visit this link:

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