February 15, 2005

The moving of the arts centre

Writing about web page http://www.warwickboar.co.uk/boar/news/arts_faculty_oppose_westwood_move

The arts faculty moving to Westwood must be a good thing; it would remove strain on campus facilities, such as parking and demand for food at lunch times, while improving the usage of Westwood facilities.
Surfers would not likely have had to close should the arts students have frequented it, and the Westwood halls, and sports centre would be in greater demand.
Complaints about joint degrees and travelling between a more distant arts block and social studies must be similar to the scientist being expected to make it to gibbet hill from campus within lecture change over times.
It would also encourage a paperless office as computer based administration can be easily accessed from computer locations.
Westwood library and university house will also find more use, allowing the books moved from the library to find use and perhaps alleviating strain on the library over the revision period.
Also the fact the humanities building is full presents a problem, how can the arts faculty be expected to expand without expanding?
To turn down and new tailor made complex for the arts faculty and new equipment outright seems off, are people really willing to sacrifice the quality of their degree for the sake of convenience?

Also, arts students smell, get them away from us scientists

December 14, 2004

Radio GaGa

Electric six have re-relased queens Radio Ga-Ga

This song is a masterpiece, im glad it has been brought back to the radio, however the video is disgusting, mocking freddie for being a homosexual.
It seems to me electric six's work is self perpetuating in a way, are they trying to achieve freddie's dream by repulsing people who arent homophobic, and making them listen to it on the radio rather than on TV?
With the success of gay bar it seems they're peeing on people who they needed for sucess.
The fact that they havent actually changed the song is surely testament to queens song writing prowess, so why insult brian may by having a poodle play guitar??? Theyre persicuting a man for having a perm

They say parody is the greatest form of compliment, however i feel this parody is neither witty or tasteful, and is such a insulting travesty

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