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June 08, 2009

The BNP are elected, and we have nobody to blame but ourselves

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There were a lot of people talking on Thursday about going out to vote to make sure the BNP “doesn’t get in”, but it looks like that’s failed since the BNP got their first ever country councillors and have had two people elected to be MEPs.

Since I’ve spent the majority of my adult life living a couple of miles away from Coalville, having a BNP Country Councillor getting the most votes there is particularly poignant to me. I may be being naïve but I simply cannot fathom how anyone in the streets can agree with BNP policies.

Indeed, there has been some suggestion that a lot of people who vote for the BNP do so without understanding their policies. So, the BNP in a nutshell:

  • Do not allow anyone to join who isn’t “indigenous Caucasian”, even if they have been born/brought up in the UK
  • Non-”indigenous Caucasian” peoples will be allowed to stay in the UK, but only as “guests”
  • No mixed-race relationships. The BNP “do not [...] accept miscegenation as moral or normal.”
  • Belief that homosexuality is “unnatural” – opposition to civil partnerships
  • Repatriation of non-Caucasians.
  • Reintroduce capital punishment for convicted terrorists, paedophiles, murderers
  • Holocaust denial (by Nick Griffin, at least – the party has removed most anti-semitic policies). This seems mostly due to a wish to remain anti-Islamic, which has led the party to come out in support of Israel.
  • Introduce a Muslim no-fly policy to stop Muslims flying in and out of the UK
  • Ban Halal/Kosher slaughter of animals
  • Propose that “citizens” should keep a rifle and ammunition in their home

I wonder how many of those hundreds of thousands of people who voted BNP did so because they were in agreement with these policies. Having spent a lot of time in Coalville I can understand that some people definitely agree with these policies, sadly (in my view).

Some have suggested that Labour are to blame for the BNP getting in. This, frankly, is ridiculous – the media are fully prepared to jump on the anti-Labour bandwagon at the moment because the momentum is there and that’s the general public “opinion” at the moment. The fact of the matter is that fewer people voted BNP this time than in 2004 – the problem was that there was:

  • A (relatively) small swing from Labour to Tory, UKIP, Green
  • Lots of people who traditionally would vote Labour decided not to vote at all

So who’s fault is it that the BNP got in? Ours. By not voting, or not explaining to those people willing to vote BNP and didn’t fully understand their policies, we’ve allowed a fascist party a soapbox to preach their messages of hate. Brilliant. I can’t think of a time I’ve felt more depressed about people in this country.

There is a petition, Nick Griffin: Not In My Name which may be a good place to express at least some of the outrage.

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