April 04, 2009

Tonight, I went for a run for the first time in 16 years

The “done” thing whenever you do exercise and have a blog seems to be to use some kind of new-agey tech tool to tell everyone about it. That’ll learn you for reading my blog!

In other news, I’ve now lost nearly 4st. I’d lost over 4st a while ago but I then kind of fell off the wagon… time to get back on that horse.

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  1. Did you find you needed to stop at the rehab hospital? I would have!

    05 Apr 2009, 07:15

  2. Nia

    Duuude… How?!

    05 Apr 2009, 11:55

  3. Mathew Mannion

    I can do an hour and a half at the gym and feel pretty much fine… but it’s a day later and my knees and calves ache :(

    05 Apr 2009, 12:30

  4. Andrew Ingram

    That’s approximately 2 miles more than I can run

    05 Apr 2009, 17:17

  5. Road running is a whole new and brutal step up from the gym. However, less annoying music being pumped in.

    09 Apr 2009, 11:54

  6. Casey


    14 Apr 2009, 20:32

  7. good for you! I can only run in the gym… i start puffing incessantly after 10 min of outdoor running

    19 Apr 2009, 22:10

  8. Terri

    OMG!! hvnt been in for a runn in 16 years!!

    28 Apr 2009, 11:25

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