October 05, 2008

Testing out Jing – How to use Search on the Warwick website

Writing about web page http://www.jingproject.com

Click here to watch screencast (too big to embed in blogs...)

Lessons learnt:

  • Write a script first
  • Do your screencast at the size you want to embed it at (I did it at 1024x768 but I really should have done it at 800x600 or even 640x480)
  • Cocking up 30 seconds before the end twice means you have to re-record the whole thing. Jing saves as a SWF, so you can't do any editing
  • The iMac microphone makes me sound like a douchebag
  • Don't use a squaky chair

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I’m a Web Developer in e-lab, part of IT Services at the University of Warwick.

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