January 01, 2009

New Years Resolutions

www2.warwick.ac.uk.     2398    IN      A

matmannion.com.         86400   IN      A

hampsterdance.com.      3600    IN      A

www.rickastley.co.uk.   10800   IN      A

xkcd.com.               3298    IN      A

HAR IT'S A PLAY ON WORDS! If you don't understand, it's better not to ask.

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  1. Eleanor Lovell

    GEEK (I don’t understand)

    01 Jan 2009, 21:47

  2. lamby

    I hereby award bonus points for getting the trailing periods correct, as well as for managing the only site above which has proper PTR records. Happy new year.

    02 Jan 2009, 01:54

  3. James Taylor

    And just to add to the geek cliché ‘resolutions’ gag, my new years resolution is 1920×1080.

    I’m here all week.

    02 Jan 2009, 08:59

  4. Nick Howes

    I’m surprised how long it took me to get it. It’s still not funny Mannion!

    10 Jan 2009, 11:51

  5. Mathew Mannion

    You’re the worst geek ever.

    10 Jan 2009, 17:06

  6. Nick Howes

    Worst… or best?

    10 Jan 2009, 23:52

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