May 24, 2005


Its 12.30 in the night, and i am writing this blog and at the same time studying for the econ exam. I feel soo lazy. Its like i study for hours but it never really works. Out of the countless hours i have spend, only like 10% of it was actually useful. Hmmm… really dont know what to say.. i like to study but when i am revising for work i feel sooo bored that i juz go to sleep or something, or juz waste time staring at the computer screen trying to memorize infinite amount of data into my head. i never really understood the concept of memorizing?? what is the point?? we memorize some stuff give a test.. and after that we forget… i like to understand the problem and that way the concept sticks in my head for a longer a time.. anyways 1 man can make no difference… :(

November 02, 2004

Examintaion failure

Tension, nerves eruption, and chronic seizures, is what mostly happens to me on exam day. I was never great when it came to giving exams. I was always scared and terrified about the word "what if?" and a maze of opportunities mostly pessimistic spill upon my head. My math test is tomorrow, and am I prepared?? A little too much. Why am I panicking? Because I believe I am going to mess this up. My perfect chance to get a good impression off. Anyways, I taught about writing my taught in this area, I believe that is what blogs are for. Hopefully I do well, I pray to God for this.

October 18, 2004

Work work work

I woke up after a hard drinking of vodka on Friday night, to realize how much work i had to do over the next few days. I had math, physics, and computer homework, as well as a lab. Ah… the agony of life, sometimes. But once I started to do them, it wasn't long before i was done. Most people in school used to say that I was smart; I never really believed them, because i taught they were patronizing me because they were dumb. But now I seem to see it. I finish my work ahead of most people and never really study much. EUREKA!! as Archimedes would say. I have found something new about me today. Anyways thatís about it. I'll write another one soon.

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