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July 02, 2010

Final entry

Follow-up to P7 Self–Organisation and Time Management from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

Frankly, my self organison and time management improved a lot. I was able to make proper plans and schedules to time my works. Having a proper timetable is a tool that really pushes me in following all the plannings and deadlines. Although it was hard for me in the beginning, it's worth it. 

Now, I am a better person in organising myself and planning properly for my future. I really that improper planned lifestyle would not produce any effective and productive outcomes, especially in the academic field. Nowadays, I reduced my time for self-entertainment, especially facebook-ing because I knew that too much self entertainment would affect my study. My priority in my list is my academic, followed by maintenance in relatonship with others, and only self-entertainment afterwards.

Having a balance life schedule is crucial. It is not advisable to be lack in any of these major aspects.

February 06, 2010


Follow-up to P7 Self–Organisation and Time Management from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

One week passed...and yet I could not organise and plan my schedule well...Term 2 was fulfilled with quite a lot of events and tasks...Too many works to be done! Morning- classes, afternoon- workshop, night- dance/ 'dikir' practices...arrgghhh!!! I really felt tired and hectic these few days after I went back to my room. Even if that particular day supposed to be 'holiday' for me, another thing pops out!

Besides, I felt very sleepy during some of the lecture hours...oh my goodness...I never experienced that during the last term...I could not finish my portfolios, do some reading before the seminars, and my seminar tasks always being left behind...hyhhhh.....Hope things will turn out well soon...

January 28, 2010

P7 Self–Organisation and Time Management

27th January 2010

Tutor: Jayne Mourinho

My aims for attending this workshop are to discover some skills on managing my time, organised myself and reflect on my own attitudes regarding on this particular area. I do hope that I will start planning my time properly and prioritise my works or activities after I get out of this workshop.

There are plenty of interesting discussion in this workshop such as the Prioritisation Model (I liked the most), Planning (Lifetime, Macro & Micro), Time Stealers and so forth. I realized that prioritisation was divided into two particular aspects; importance and urgency. There are things which are both equally important and urgent, but not all. There are things which are urgent but not important, important but not urgent, or neither important nor urgent. That's how we will plan our time accordingly to these aspects.

So, below is my action plan for the next month (starting of February 2010): Hopefully I can achieve these...

  • Reduce Facebook-ing hour.
  • Keeping an academic diary.
  • Tasks/ portfolios for each subject are done before deadline (each per week).
  • Balanced time for academic, family, friends and self-entertainment.
  • A better organisation of time for the my next assignment.

--mei ling (0936627)--

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