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February 06, 2010

Emotional progressing…

Follow-up to Affected… from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

With regards to self-motivation, there is improvement in it. Nowadays, I oftenly tell myself that 'I could do it' whenenever I come across something new or different.. For example, I joined some cultural performances for an event called Malaysia Night 2010. I participated in Bollywood dance and 'dikir' performances. Even though the movements were not easy to follow, I feel grateful that I could get on with it and practice hard for it...

As for social competence, I hope I can improve more on this aspect. I'm more towards individualistic nowadays, as I want to become independent. I don't want to rely on people that much, as independence is one of my principles now. It makes me to become braver and being courageous in doing something. That's why I'm afraid of pushing away my friends for that. Nevertheless, I did spend some time for my friends, for example, during break time or after class..Besides, I know non-stop communication process is very vital in maintaining a relationship....

Forgive and forget. I did practice that practice in my life nowadays because I know that it has been no use to be mad at someone for so long...It's hurting indeed, but I do need some time to forget a certain incident sometimes as long as I do not care too much on it....It's important to know that I am a normal human being, as a human does have feelings too....

January 25, 2010


Follow-up to PLAN – CHANGE – ACT !!! from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

Well, it was a day that I was supposed to be happy and start a new fresh life after I had done my action plan. I tried to follow my new principles,  however  I failed to do so today... This afternoon, I came across a disappointing news and I was affected by that. My emotion was unbalanced that time and I could not concentrate well in my class... At that moment, I tried hard not to be affected emotionally by the news as I refected on what I had been doing in the Emotional Intelligence workshop. One of my main objectives is to stay calm and cool, without influenced by any pressure or difficulties...but I could not achieve that today...Hope I could do better next time.... :(

--mei ling (0936627)--

January 24, 2010


Follow-up to P6 An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

Changes that I would like to achieve from today onwards:

1. Self-motivation

- I was a pessimistic person and more towards negative thinking in particularly. I hope that I would be MORE open

and optimistic.

- Always telling myself that I CAN DO IT whenever I am in difficulties.

- Positive thinking.

2. Improve my social competence

- Building stronger relationships with friends and family.

- Be the first to SPEAK, TELL and ASK.

- Communicate more and be more sporting.

3. Emotional self-control

- Try to control my anger and be ready to forgive + forget.

- Not to be over-sensitive and priotised happiness in life.

- Smile always.

--mei ling (0936627)--

January 23, 2010

P6 An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

20th January 2010

Tutor: Samantha Tarren

Emotional Intelligence- a very interesting topic to talk on. Honestly, my main objective for attending this workshop is to increase my EQ and develop my way of thinking. Besides that, I want to learn on how to handle my personal and other situations professionally.

I liked the quotation taken from Aristotle very much: "To be angry is simple...but to be angry with the RIGHT PERSON, to the RIGHT DEGREE, at the RIGHT TIME, for the RIGHT REASON in the RIGHT WAY is a rare ability." We tend to release our emotions so easily, without knowing the professional way to do it.

Basically, emotional intelligence is about feelings. It is about everyone's feelings and how we can relate and manage those feelings. In this case, personal and social competence are very important skills to maintain our balanced emotional feelings. Self-awareness, self-regulation, self motivation, social awareness and social skills are those values that we should appy in our daily routines. If we are able achieve those, we can be a better well-being in terms of relationships, emotion and professional prospects.

I just want to be happier and more matured person in the future. I want to be an independent learner who can handle my things professionally without being affected my someone or something. I want to stay calm and cool even if something unplesant happens. That is what I want to improve on.

--mei ling (0936627)--

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