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July 03, 2010

FINAL REVIEW (1000 words) – Evaluation

Frankly, I was glad that I joined all these Warwick Skills workshops; Effective Learning and Revision Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Becoming More Assertive, An Introduction to Skills Development and Warwick Skills Portfolio, Critical Thinking, and Self Organisation and Time Management. I learned a lot and they really opened up my eyes in viewing the world in another angle. I never achieve such a big acomplishment beforehand. All those skills indeed helped me a lot in making me a better person in the future. I was and would keep trying hard to adapt all those effective skills in my new academic year. I hoped that I could maintain my dicipline in applying those strategies continuosly even though there would be some obtacles awaiting for me in the next few years which might weaken my faith in applying those skills.

In the workshop 'An Introduction to Skills Development and Warwick Skills Portfolio', I learned how to reflect on myself and did some self-evaluation. Every skill that I had obtained would be applied in my daily routines eventually. Although this might take time, the result is pleasing and satisfactory. In this workshop, it actually helped me to develop my writing skills because I would have to update this academic blog gradually. At least, it forced me to generate my brain continuosly in using words and sentences. Besides that, I could actually voice out my own reflections, opinions, questions and feelings when I was self-evaluating. This skill was very useful in releasing my pressure as keeping everything in heart would be much more a burden to me.

At first, all my skills were developing slowly, in which I needed to put many efforts in order to achieve my goals. I was afraid to do whatever I wanted to do as it concerned on the people beside me and also some inferiority in my own self. I had very low self-esteem and following exactly what other people did would be the best choice for me. I never questioned my own doings, whether they were right or wrong. As for now, I really think about this question for several times and make a wise decision after thinking in different perspectives.

In Effective Learning and Revision Skills, I gained a lot of effective learning skills which were very helpful in my first academic year. I never serious in planning my own timetables and setting deadlines on my tasks, especially academic stuffs. Before this, I would just did rote learning instead of studying smartly. As for me, rote learning was the best strategy in getting a good grade in examinations and this rote learning had been accompanying me since primary school. I never like to take notes, transfer main points onto the paper, make mind-maps and do a short summary on the topic given. In my perception, all these works were actually wasting my time. However, after I attended this workshop and tried to work hard onto it, I began to realize that all those skills are crucial in the academic success. Nowadays, I would take out my different colours highlighters and highlighted whatever main points that would concern about. Afterwards, I would try to make short notes and write the notes down onto papers. Even though, it had been taking a lot of time to do that, I knew that it was worth it. In the end, I could just revise on the short notes that I had made. All those short notes, mind-maps and charts decreased the level of difficulties in my study.

Apart from that, whenever I was doing my revisions or study, I would make sure that I understood the topic first before I moved on to the next topic. Other skills which were quite important were skimming and scanning. Sometimes, I would rather skip some topics that were not really important and focused on the main points. Sometimes, I would take a short fast glance on the topic if the articles given are very lengthy. Time is an important factor here and I knew that I should not putting so much time in seeing every single words in the respected article.

In Emotional Intelligence, I was able to control my own feelings nowadays. I would not let myself for being too emotional attached to certain cases and people. Uncontrollable emotions and feelings would very much affected my future lifestyles and they would cause some incovenience in completing my tasks later on. However, I would hide my own feelings sometimes because I would not want to hurt other people or trouble them. As for me, the ability of solving my own problems is very important in my perspective. Sometimes, I would rather voice out my own opinions and feelings in an appropriate manner so that other people woould not feel uncomfortable with my words. I was truly glad that my emotional intelligence improved a lot in this case.

Furthermore, in Being More Assertive workshop, this was the worshop that seems hardest to me. I was a passive and low self-esteem person beforehand. I did not dare to volunteer in class and I had low confidence in speaking and also pouring out my own opinions. I felt that other people were always better than me. I did not expect much from other people and also from myself. However, this worshop really had changed my life. I am becoming more assertive nowadays! Whenever I disgreed with something, I would be honest in my words and mind. I learned how to say NO to certain thing and to people. This is what I was proud of. Apart from that, I always remember the slogan 'Rising heads falling tails'. It was such an effective skill and I think that everyone should be exposed to this strategy. People will pay more respect to me and listen to my opinions if I am speaking in this manner. They really listen to you! Screaming or shouting at people are not necessary at all. What is the most important thing to find a way to make you being heard.

As for Critical Thinking, I would honestly say that the skills that I learned from this workshop had improved my level of critical thinking. Even though I am not professional enough, I would still try hard to think out the box and find the reasons hidden behind eack formula or story. I did realized that knowledge was very essential if I really wanted to increase my standard of thinking. Reading a lot is one of the main key in attaining this aim and without knowledge, I admitted that it was indeed very hard to analyse fully the respected story. Knowing the issues around the globe and worldwide perspectives are some of the important points in contributing towards the effectiveness of critical thinking. Judgement and evaluation are made from every single angle of the case, so that it would be unbiassed and impartial.

Lastly, the last workshop that I attended was the Self Organisation and Time Management workshop. The most important element that I would like to share was setting up priority list. I learned how to judge which thing needed to be priotised and which ones are ess important. Urgency is another factor that would affect my works. I figured out that setting deadlines for all my tasks and works are essential to ensure that I could complete and also revise my work in order to produce the best production or outcome. I would use diary or timetables to plan my time and work nowadays. I reduced my self- entertainment time and focused more on family and friend's relationship. I tried hard to dicipline myself and divided my time wisely.

July 02, 2010

Final entry

Follow-up to Skills development from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

The development of every skill indeed took time; months after months. My skills are progressing greatly, in which I manage to achieve some of my goals; Emotional Intelligence, Effective Learning and Revision skills; Being assertive, Critical Thinking and Time Management.

For Emotional Intelligence, I was able to control my emotions and I would not myself to be too emotional attached to a certain thing. I knew that being too emotional could really affect my lifestyle and this could trigger for the negative outcomes. Soemtimes, I would voice out what I feel and think, sometimes I don't really show out my real feelings, depend on the situation itself.

As for Effective Learning and Revision Skills, they really improved a lot. It helped a lot towards my academic study and enhaced my memory as well. The skills that I had learnt in this workshop really ease my learning. I realized that rote learning is not a good way in revising all the subjects.

Being Assertive; this was the workshop that I loved a lot. It increased my confidence in speaking and pointing out my ideas as well. When other people repected my decisions, I felt very happy and satisfied. At  least, I had my own original way and not just following what other people doing.

As for Time Management, I would say that proper planning and schedules are VERY ESSENTIAL in our lives. For example, I planned my time for my exam, setting up a certain of period for revising each of my subject. As a result, it worked! I was truly satisfied when all my hard work worked out and my result is satisfactory!

Lastly, the only skill that I needed to develop is my critical thinking. I really need to read a lot starting on now onwards so that I would get how the ideas actually worked out.

February 06, 2010

Skills development

Follow-up to MY ACTION PLAN! from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

Overall, some of my skills are developing very slowly, especially my time management and assertiveness..I still could not manage my time well and I neglected a lot of important stuffs. Likewise, my assertiveness was developing very slowly as I still sticked to my old personality.

Nevertheless, my self-motivation develops. I try to think positively and keen to try something new each time. Although I was alone sometimes, I pushed myself to keep going on and tried my best at least. Ocassionally, I do feel dislike about a particular matter, however, I tried to look at a different angle to improve my emotional intelligence. I tried to be not oversensitive, which could bring forward my hatred feeling towards the problem.

In short, there is a lot more that I have to improve on. I really hope that I could be a better and professional person in future...

January 23, 2010


Follow-up to P1 An Introduction to Skills Development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

These are the aspects that I would like to improve on for the next four weeks:

--mei ling (0936627)--


Being Assertive Critical thinking    Initiative



  • Revise schedule and  better time management.
  • No delayed works.
  • Priority on academic.
  • Learn to say 'NO'.
  • Learn on how to argue my opinion.
  • Speaking with the right intonation and volume.
  • Outspoken/ Straighforward.
  • Be more creative and critically thinking.
  • Judge from different perspectives (not only in my shoes).
  • Brave to take the first move/ step.
  • Active participation.
  • Volunteering.

  • Self-discipline.
  • Self-motivation.
  • Optimistic.
  • Independent.

P1 An Introduction to Skills Development and the Warwick Skills Portfolio

21st January 2010

Tutor: Mary Sage

Today, these three hours indeed have made me realised something. This worshop helped me to reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses, in which I would tend to forget sometimes, and somehow...It made me of being self-aware, and honest to tell out my own weakness, hope and desire.That was the most useful part for me.

At the beginning of the workshop, we were asked about 'What is refection?' The question, although seems easy to answer, actually required us to ponder on how we can relate it back to our own lives and personalities. It was a kind of self-assessment and revealed our true attitudes and styles. Far example, I liked the questionnares regarding on our own learning styles. As for me, I'm a REFLECTOR; a person who would like to think thoroughly from different perspectives and ponder on the past experiences before making the final decision. It was quite true for me, as I'm afraid of making the wrong decision if I did not 'inspect' for all aspects carefully. Moreover, I agreed with the bad sides of being a REFLECTOR here. I was uncritical of ideas, not organised and not being assertive enough. That was my main weakenesses indentified. It takes time to improve, but I will try hard to make least I try...:)

Furthermore, the Kolb's Learning Cycle has given me a brief and precise information on learning from experiences. Just follow these CYCLE:





5. back to DOING IT

--mei ling (0936627)--

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