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July 02, 2010

Final entry

Follow-up to Follow the plan! from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

I was really grateful that I joined this workshop. Following my plan, even though it's not 100%, it did help me to improve my academic planning and management. For right now, I am about to continue using this effective learning and revision skills in moving into my second academic year which is very important.

I realized my mistakes in studying smarty, and not just rote learning. Skimming, scanning and making notes are indeed three critical skills that every student should apply in his or her own study. I figured out that writting down important short notes improved greatly my memory in remembering the facts and main points. Colours even make them more effective.

As a result, I would choose to jote down the points down onto papers, making mind-maps and doing a short summary (if possible) in my study. To prove this, the result for my first year academic year is satisfactory!!! I am satisfied with my own result, even though this skill would require more effort and time.

June 27, 2010

Follow the plan!

Follow-up to DO–IT Action Plan from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

This workshop had really enhanced my revision and learning skills. Now, I used to make short notes and summary after I read something. I use different colours to do my short notes and to highlight the important points. All these actions ease my revision during my exam week, especially when I was doing the very last revision before stepping into the exam hall. I planned my time for each subject, although I might exceed the deadline when I was revising certain subjects sometimes. This planning helped me to organise my time wisely and to ensure that I could finish my revision on time. I was really glad that I did it.

February 11, 2010

DO–IT Action Plan

Follow-up to A4 Effective Learning & Revision Skills from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

Here is my own revised action plan to improve on my learning and revision strategies (starting March, if can):

-mei ling (0936627)-



  • Read and write down the important points/ notes.
  • Stick to schedule/ plan.
  • Revise everyday after lectures/ seminars.
  • Recalling ideas on what I have learnt at the end of the week.
  • Exercise (for physical and mental health).
  • Study at library (silence) after class hours.
  • Delaying works.
  • Doing last-minute works.
  • Facebook-ing for long duration.
  • Too much self-entertainments.

A4 Effective Learning & Revision Skills

10th February 2010

Tutor: Mary Sage

First of all, I did not emphasize on the importance of learning styles and revision skills beforehand. I never think much about those stuffs as I assumed that I knew how to get those things done. Nevertheless, today's workshop had enlighten me about the effective strategies of learning skills that I should have. I gained a lot of information (..although not all of them is new to me) and reminders from this workshop, as it also helped me to refect on my attitudes and thoughts too. Here are some of the information that I would like to relect on:

  • Learn how to put yourself in the right state of mind for learning: silence
  • Devise study strategies which take advantage of your preffered learning: silence, proper planning and time management, (read & write, aural- preffered learning styles), good physical and mental health
  • Develop techniques for understanding and remembering the information you acquire: Mind-maps, recalling ideas, read & write down the points
  • Plan effective revision strategies: timetables, early planning, no delayed work/ last-minute work, revise continuously

-mei ling (0936627)-

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