July 02, 2010

Final entry

Follow-up to Changed? from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

Being assertive; this is my aim goal. I worked hard into it, and I got it. Nowadays, I would put forward my agreement or disagreement whenever it happens. I would not rather just listen and taking in other people's opinions or decisions, but making my own judgment and decision in opposite. This skill had indeed improved my confidence in speaking and eliminated my inferiority towards other people gradually.

I always had the slogan 'falling tail' in my mind whenever I tried to speak to people. It was very useful and effective. Instead of raising my intonation at the ened of my words, I would rather end my sentence in a calm and cool manner. As a result, the people are really listening to your words. However, sometimes I did doubt that whether my friends could be angered by the way that I was speaking to them. I was quite 'aggresive' sometimes in making my decisons.

As for appearance and personality, I tried to maintain a cool and 'smart' personality. I know that the chance of accepted by other people would increase if a person is acting smartly and confidently.

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  1. Beverley Veasey-Walshe

    You have obviously taken in everything that we discussed and are now applying the skills I taught you, well done!

    Perhaps it is now time to refine the skills and your understanding of the term assertive:

    1 – Remember the ‘level head falling tail’ intonation pattern should be used when it is appropriate – when you are putting forward an opinion or decision or suggestion. If you use it too much you will sound rather ‘blank’ and possibly humourless. Not a good thing!
    2 – Being assertive also means being aware of other people’s opinions and their rights – and to take them into account,.being assertive is NOT about getting your own way, it is about voicing your own thoughts and needs and letting other people voice theirs.

    02 Jul 2010, 12:43

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