February 11, 2010

A4 Effective Learning & Revision Skills

10th February 2010

Tutor: Mary Sage

First of all, I did not emphasize on the importance of learning styles and revision skills beforehand. I never think much about those stuffs as I assumed that I knew how to get those things done. Nevertheless, today's workshop had enlighten me about the effective strategies of learning skills that I should have. I gained a lot of information (..although not all of them is new to me) and reminders from this workshop, as it also helped me to refect on my attitudes and thoughts too. Here are some of the information that I would like to relect on:

  • Learn how to put yourself in the right state of mind for learning: silence
  • Devise study strategies which take advantage of your preffered learning: silence, proper planning and time management, (read & write, aural- preffered learning styles), good physical and mental health
  • Develop techniques for understanding and remembering the information you acquire: Mind-maps, recalling ideas, read & write down the points
  • Plan effective revision strategies: timetables, early planning, no delayed work/ last-minute work, revise continuously

-mei ling (0936627)-

February 06, 2010

Skills development

Follow-up to MY ACTION PLAN! from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

Overall, some of my skills are developing very slowly, especially my time management and assertiveness..I still could not manage my time well and I neglected a lot of important stuffs. Likewise, my assertiveness was developing very slowly as I still sticked to my old personality.

Nevertheless, my self-motivation develops. I try to think positively and keen to try something new each time. Although I was alone sometimes, I pushed myself to keep going on and tried my best at least. Ocassionally, I do feel dislike about a particular matter, however, I tried to look at a different angle to improve my emotional intelligence. I tried to be not oversensitive, which could bring forward my hatred feeling towards the problem.

In short, there is a lot more that I have to improve on. I really hope that I could be a better and professional person in future...

Emotional progressing…

Follow-up to Affected… from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

With regards to self-motivation, there is improvement in it. Nowadays, I oftenly tell myself that 'I could do it' whenenever I come across something new or different.. For example, I joined some cultural performances for an event called Malaysia Night 2010. I participated in Bollywood dance and 'dikir' performances. Even though the movements were not easy to follow, I feel grateful that I could get on with it and practice hard for it...

As for social competence, I hope I can improve more on this aspect. I'm more towards individualistic nowadays, as I want to become independent. I don't want to rely on people that much, as independence is one of my principles now. It makes me to become braver and being courageous in doing something. That's why I'm afraid of pushing away my friends for that. Nevertheless, I did spend some time for my friends, for example, during break time or after class..Besides, I know non-stop communication process is very vital in maintaining a relationship....

Forgive and forget. I did practice that practice in my life nowadays because I know that it has been no use to be mad at someone for so long...It's hurting indeed, but I do need some time to forget a certain incident sometimes as long as I do not care too much on it....It's important to know that I am a normal human being, as a human does have feelings too....


Follow-up to Action PLAN…be more ASSERTIVE! from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

Things did not change much here...I am still not being assertive enough, but I do try to make it...

I am still very quiet in class, afraid to speak up...I am not outspoken enough in CLASS...However, it's not that I did not want to speak up sometimes, it's because I was always out of ideas, as I was not a brilliant person....so, I did not know what to tell other people..

I did not change much in my ways of speaking...The intonation is more a less the same as before...but it's improving a bit, I guess...just time matters.....

---mei ling (0936627)---


Follow-up to P7 Self–Organisation and Time Management from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

One week passed...and yet I could not organise and plan my schedule well...Term 2 was fulfilled with quite a lot of events and tasks...Too many works to be done! Morning- classes, afternoon- workshop, night- dance/ 'dikir' practices...arrgghhh!!! I really felt tired and hectic these few days after I went back to my room. Even if that particular day supposed to be 'holiday' for me, another thing pops out!

Besides, I felt very sleepy during some of the lecture hours...oh my goodness...I never experienced that during the last term...I could not finish my portfolios, do some reading before the seminars, and my seminar tasks always being left behind...hyhhhh.....Hope things will turn out well soon...

February 05, 2010

A5 An Introduction to Critical Thinking

3rd February 2010

Tutor: Emma Williams

Each time I attended a certain workshop, I would surely gained something useful from it. As for this workshop, I learned that critical thinking is based on reasoning and arguments, with credible evidences. We did not analyse and interpret the matter critically, but try to figure out and justify the reasons behind it, its limitations, implications and so forth. Besides that, language plays an important role here too, especially the use of emotive language, rheotorical questions, modal terms and others.

Frankly, I do not know how I can develop my critical thinking, except doing a lot of reading and thinking. So, my action plan for this objective will be:

  • Newspaper reading (inrease my interest on unpopular topics, for example, politics)
  • Reading useful blogs
  • BBC

--mei ling (0936627)--

January 28, 2010

P7 Self–Organisation and Time Management

27th January 2010

Tutor: Jayne Mourinho

My aims for attending this workshop are to discover some skills on managing my time, organised myself and reflect on my own attitudes regarding on this particular area. I do hope that I will start planning my time properly and prioritise my works or activities after I get out of this workshop.

There are plenty of interesting discussion in this workshop such as the Prioritisation Model (I liked the most), Planning (Lifetime, Macro & Micro), Time Stealers and so forth. I realized that prioritisation was divided into two particular aspects; importance and urgency. There are things which are both equally important and urgent, but not all. There are things which are urgent but not important, important but not urgent, or neither important nor urgent. That's how we will plan our time accordingly to these aspects.

So, below is my action plan for the next month (starting of February 2010): Hopefully I can achieve these...

  • Reduce Facebook-ing hour.
  • Keeping an academic diary.
  • Tasks/ portfolios for each subject are done before deadline (each per week).
  • Balanced time for academic, family, friends and self-entertainment.
  • A better organisation of time for the my next assignment.

--mei ling (0936627)--

January 25, 2010


Follow-up to PLAN – CHANGE – ACT !!! from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

Well, it was a day that I was supposed to be happy and start a new fresh life after I had done my action plan. I tried to follow my new principles,  however  I failed to do so today... This afternoon, I came across a disappointing news and I was affected by that. My emotion was unbalanced that time and I could not concentrate well in my class... At that moment, I tried hard not to be affected emotionally by the news as I refected on what I had been doing in the Emotional Intelligence workshop. One of my main objectives is to stay calm and cool, without influenced by any pressure or difficulties...but I could not achieve that today...Hope I could do better next time.... :(

--mei ling (0936627)--

January 24, 2010


Follow-up to P6 An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

Changes that I would like to achieve from today onwards:

1. Self-motivation

- I was a pessimistic person and more towards negative thinking in particularly. I hope that I would be MORE open

and optimistic.

- Always telling myself that I CAN DO IT whenever I am in difficulties.

- Positive thinking.

2. Improve my social competence

- Building stronger relationships with friends and family.

- Be the first to SPEAK, TELL and ASK.

- Communicate more and be more sporting.

3. Emotional self-control

- Try to control my anger and be ready to forgive + forget.

- Not to be over-sensitive and priotised happiness in life.

- Smile always.

--mei ling (0936627)--

Action PLAN…be more ASSERTIVE!

Follow-up to P2 Becoming More Assertive from Just me...mEi LiNG's blog * :)

THREE main changes that I am going to make to my behaviour:

1. Intonation and Volume

- Change my speaking attitude and apply the "LEVEL Head, FALLING Tail" pattern.

- Lower my volume whenever I want to be assertive.

2. Proactive

- Try to be outspoken and straightforward.

- Volunteering to pour out opinions in class.

3. Stand for my own rights.

- Negotiate with others and firm with my own arguments.

- Learn to say 'NO'.

--mei ling (0936627)--

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