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February 14, 2007

Shout out to wobbly windows

Beryl is good

July 19, 2005

Dependency problem fix

Making a note of this so i can throw away a piece of paper i jotted this down on.

revdep-rebuild -v

under Gentoo to search through dependencies.


for users who are allowed to sudo I suppose.

March 25, 2005


Under KDE at least, control-c for copy and control-v for paste work pretty much everywhere (perhaps because of klipper?) even if right-clicking doesn't give you the options.

The equivalent of taskmanager for killing processes that won't die is "KDE System Guard" under the KDE menu and System. (Yes, things still stop working.)

If you don't get sound in KDE, the first thing to check is the volume so run Kmix and check the PCM value and Master volume (and for me, the VIA DXS stuff too).

The text editor Kate rocks. It is especially good for giving access to a shell ('terminal' at the bottom) for extra power/control.

Make full use of the virtual desktops (set different wallpaper for each!) for extra organized-ness. You can make it so that each desktop only lists the programs for that particular desktop in the bar (right-click on KDE bar to get customization options).

Hold Alt and you can (left-) drag whole windows. Holding Alt also lets you resize windows by right-dragging.

If you use gnome, too bad cos I didn't even bother to install that .. ;)

March 23, 2005

My (Gentoo) USE variable

As found and edited using

nano -w /etc/make.conf

USE="3dnow X a52 acl acpi adns alsa apache2 apm -arts atlas audiofile avi bcmath bindist bzlib cdr cjk clibpdf crypt
ctype cups curl dga dio directfb divx4linux doc dvd dvdr dvdread emacs emacs-w3
emul-linux-x86 encode esd exif f77 fbcon ffmpeg flac ftp gd ggi gif gmp
gphoto2 gpm gstreamer gtk gtk2 icq imagemagick imap
imlib immqt-bc ipv6 jack java javascript jpeg kde ladcca lcms ldap libedit libwww lm_sensors mad matroska mime mozilla mpeg mpi
msn msql multilib mysql nas nls ncurses network offensive ogg oggvorbis
openal opengl pam pcre pdflib perl php plotutils png posix python qt quicktime readline samba scanner
session shared sharedmem snmp
sockets spl ssl svga sysvipc tcltk tcpd tiff tokenizer truetype unicode usb userlocales videos vorbis wmf xine xinerama xml xml2 xmms xosd xv xvid amd64"

(This is specific to Gentoo and does not apply to Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE etc. The USE variable is Gentoo's way of letting you configure things.)

March 20, 2005

F f f f f Just spend 8 hours getting the new 2.6.11 kernel to work!

Had to do the usual hacks/trial-and-errors to get access to the SATA drive.

Moved lots of stuff over to modules instead of building stuff in so had to add stuff (for the first time) to /etc/modules.autoload.d

Gonna make a note of how I got network access back when dhcpcd stopped cooperating. This is all Gentoo of course.

ifconfig eth0 137.205.72.* broadcast netmask

(fill in the star with whatever you choose – incidentally, this could be used to change your ip address if for any reason you need to do such a thing)

route add default gw

nano -w /etc/resolv.conf

in here, type


You will not believe how long it too me to figure stuff out to get to here! Once you have kde running, make xconfig is much better than make menuconfig for configuring the kernel.

October 17, 2004

n Parts ordered! Fun begins.

Gonna be marking all these types of posts with "n" so people can ignore them if they want. Let's see how much trouble/fun I have with this!
Antec Sonata
Total 79.99
Asus A8V Deluxe VIA K8T800 Pro
Zalman CNPS7000B-AlCu
Galaxy GeForce nVidia 6800 128MB
Total 336.73
Plextor PX712A
Corsair XMS Pro 3200 512MB
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 160GB S-ATA NCQ
Samsung 17" LCD 172X
Total 557
AMD64 939 3500+
Total 227.28

October 08, 2004

AMD64 evaluated; any Intel–lovers out there?

Follow-up to Calling AMD64 addicts from All that you know

To make sure we have even a semblance of scientific-ness, I refer to Tom's Hardware Guide. There was some other website I saw with 64-bit performance shown with roll-over images. I got the impression the 64-bit features were worth activating.

"A look at the benchmark results reveals that there are only few areas where Intel dominates. While the synthetic benchmarks often speak in favor of Intel's 3+ Gigahertz chips, there are only few real-life applications left that run better with Intel inside: audio/video encoding and some rendering applications. Games and multimedia applications have already been a domain of AMD's Athlon64, and the new Socket 939 processors underscored that fact." Tom's Hardware Guide

I'm in pretty much the same situation as Adam M (*waves at Adam) except I'm waiting for PCI-Express 939 motherboards not because I want one, but because it'll knock down the prices of the old stuff. :D But we'll see.

Calling AMD64 addicts

Follow-up to Help Mike build a computer! from All that you know

In light of recommendations that going for AMD64 is premature, I wanted to fish for AMD64 users (specifically running Linux or Windoze XP 64-bit beta) for opinions and comments on their purchasing decision.

If you presently own an AMD64, would you have bought it in hindsight?

Help Mike build a computer!

It's late (3:25am) and I have a maths deadline tomorrow but this is the perfect time to do this!

Proposed parts for system (with alternatives):

Antec Sonata ATX + PSU (case) 77

AMD64 (939) 3500+ 238
AMD64 (939) 3800+ 427

Zalman 7000/A AlCu (CPU heatsink/fan) 28

Samsung Syncmaster 172X (17" TFT) 270
Viewsonic VX715 (17" TFT) 259

Cherry CyMotion Linux (keyboard – 24

Seagate Barracuda SATA 7200.7 (80/160/200 GB) (44/70/85)

(No mouse, motherboard, RAM, etc. chosen.)

Comments please! (Indicative prices included to help with this.)

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