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October 17, 2004

Blog Tracking

Gonna keep a list of other stuff I read so I can find them again.

Simon's Blog:
Computer People

Andy's Dumb Ramblings:
As my first act

Sam Hates… :
The Twats of Philosophy

H's Blog:

n Parts ordered! Fun begins.

Gonna be marking all these types of posts with "n" so people can ignore them if they want. Let's see how much trouble/fun I have with this!
Antec Sonata
Total 79.99
Asus A8V Deluxe VIA K8T800 Pro
Zalman CNPS7000B-AlCu
Galaxy GeForce nVidia 6800 128MB
Total 336.73
Plextor PX712A
Corsair XMS Pro 3200 512MB
Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 160GB S-ATA NCQ
Samsung 17" LCD 172X
Total 557
AMD64 939 3500+
Total 227.28

October 12, 2004

So screwed

Writing about web page

DJP is so screwed. ;)

October 09, 2004

Por Siempre Tu on BSPlayer

Recommending playing "Christina Aguilera – Por Siempre Tu.mpg" (find at nearest DC++ hub – I only mention this as it is a nonEnglish version and it's not clear where else to find this) on Webtech's BSPlayer with borderless video window.

It's simply beautiful.

October 08, 2004

AMD64 evaluated; any Intel–lovers out there?

Follow-up to Calling AMD64 addicts from All that you know

To make sure we have even a semblance of scientific-ness, I refer to Tom's Hardware Guide. There was some other website I saw with 64-bit performance shown with roll-over images. I got the impression the 64-bit features were worth activating.

"A look at the benchmark results reveals that there are only few areas where Intel dominates. While the synthetic benchmarks often speak in favor of Intel's 3+ Gigahertz chips, there are only few real-life applications left that run better with Intel inside: audio/video encoding and some rendering applications. Games and multimedia applications have already been a domain of AMD's Athlon64, and the new Socket 939 processors underscored that fact." Tom's Hardware Guide

I'm in pretty much the same situation as Adam M (*waves at Adam) except I'm waiting for PCI-Express 939 motherboards not because I want one, but because it'll knock down the prices of the old stuff. :D But we'll see.

Poetry writes itself

Writing about web page

I've no idea what the New Writing Society is about but they've had a semi-active forum which is well worth a peek.

Oh, yea. Warwick login needed! Sorry. :)

Calling AMD64 addicts

Follow-up to Help Mike build a computer! from All that you know

In light of recommendations that going for AMD64 is premature, I wanted to fish for AMD64 users (specifically running Linux or Windoze XP 64-bit beta) for opinions and comments on their purchasing decision.

If you presently own an AMD64, would you have bought it in hindsight?


Writing about web page

Must learn how to use gnuplot. I've had enough of handing in nicely LaTeXed pieces of work with a scrap of paper containing the figures. (Needless to say I executed just such a thing today.)

Killer Wasps Return

Follow-up to Killer Wasps from All that you know

Where the hell are these things coming from?! I just had one crawl out from behind my laptop then onto the keyboard! This is not what I want to see happening when I'm short on sleep and need to LaTeX some maths!

Killer Wasps

It's only the second week of term and I'm having to pull an all-nighter just to make my first deadline! This would be fine and dandy if it weren't for the killer wasps that magically buzzed into my room and butted themselves against the strip light – distracting!

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