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February 24, 2005

Having thoughts and thinking is a curse

It'd be so much easier if we were just given a timetable that rules our lives from 9am to 5pm so there is none of this time management business and guilt about having to do more work/reading. I wish these next ten days or so would just dash past cos there's so much waiting: everything seems to be on hold right now. I hate cryptic things. ;)

February 21, 2005

All time favourite film of the moment

The Butterfly Effect – sometimes to love is to let go

Sun in the morning

Wonder what we would find if we compared the exam performance and general essay marks of people who get the sun in the morning and those who do not.

I don't get the sun in the morning. :(

It was really nice in the kitchen earlier as it snowed and became sunny at the same time. Sometimes I think I could spend all day in the kitchen: it certainly gets enuff sun for a room that is usually empty.

High Fidelity

Writing about Feeling good from [TBA]

is, without a shadow of a hint of a doubt, a chick flick.

(High Fidelity is a chick flick) => (Child's Play is a kid's movie)

Would be interested in a proof or some support for this theorem! ;)

Utterly horrible word

that can often be replaced by the word 'thing' or some short phrase of similar blandness:



Words in the state of flux

Best avoid these words until their meanings settle down:

deceptively, literally

Real Poems for Unreal Times

The anthology "Staying Alive" (edited by Neil Astley and published by Bloodaxe) is simply superb. The "In and out of love" chapter is especially good.

peptidoglycan biosynthesis

I might place people's msn nicknames on here every day until they notice and tell me to stop. It would save me the trouble of looking them up cos knowledg(e)able people could then leave comments.

Looking bored

A sensitive Tockle-flatmate of mine has expressed the opinion that I look bored all the time. This would not be a problem except another person here agrees and they both live close enough to hold such an opinion.

This is really fairly worrying. :)

Random commas

Taken from fourth edition of "The Complete Plain Words" by Sir Ernest Gowers and revised by Sir Bruce Fraser.

For your pedantic pleasure:

"We wrote on the 12th May asking for an urgent report regarding the above contractor's complaint, this was followed up on the 24th May by a telephone call."

"You may not be aware that a Youth Employment Service is operating throughout the country, in some areas it is under the control of the Ministry of Labour and National Service and in others of the Education Authorities."

Anyone have a problem with this use of commas?

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