October 08, 2004

Help Mike build a computer!

It's late (3:25am) and I have a maths deadline tomorrow but this is the perfect time to do this!

Proposed parts for system (with alternatives):

Antec Sonata ATX + PSU (case) 77

AMD64 (939) 3500+ 238
AMD64 (939) 3800+ 427

Zalman 7000/A AlCu (CPU heatsink/fan) 28

Samsung Syncmaster 172X (17" TFT) 270
Viewsonic VX715 (17" TFT) 259

Cherry CyMotion Linux (keyboard – Scan.co.uk) 24

Seagate Barracuda SATA 7200.7 (80/160/200 GB) (44/70/85)

(No mouse, motherboard, RAM, etc. chosen.)

Comments please! (Indicative prices included to help with this.)

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  1. Steve Rumsby

    A quick comment on the processor. That's huge price difference for 300MHz. Is it worth almost £200 for the extra 10%?

    08 Oct 2004, 06:49

  2. Probably not! :D But someone either richer or sillier than me may disagree. Anyone?

    08 Oct 2004, 07:23

  3. Don't order from scan.co.uk, they have a pretty bad reputation when it comes to customer service. www.ebuyer.com is my preference for ordering computer parts since they're pretty cheap.

    Personally, I don't see the big deal with 64-bit processors at this time, since there aren't really any programs that take advantage of it. If you want cheap and cheerful speed, get an AMD 2500XP and a PC Chips M848ALU motherboard. Order from www.thecoolingshop.co.uk to get a K7 Silent Boost and Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste, and just overclock it to 3200XP by changing the FSB from 166mhz to 200mhz.

    08 Oct 2004, 09:23

  4. Have been hearing bad things about Scan on campus: worrying at best. I like pain hence the AMD64 and Linux! :D Will check out thecoolingshop and options! University is due to pay me money so I feel like splashing out – plus my laptop is really driving me round the bend with this NOISE! :)

    Or I may have to play camper and wait for price drops. :S

    08 Oct 2004, 10:16

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