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February 24, 2005

One never does any work by pure accident

Ok, it's decided then. I'll start doing some work.


If you are discontent, listen to "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman who people assure me is a woman. Go girl!

Pieces of paper on my wall

Does sticking stuff up on the wall ever work? Do we pay any attention to stuff like "I will do some work" or "I will not mess around"? Or do we do the opposite cos, even though it didn't occur to us before, it actually sounds like a whole lot of fun.

There's some work-related stuff drawing-pinned to the noticeboard in front of me and I hope I'll take the time to figure out what all the weird words and terms mean that I see on there.

Throw Altec Lansings out of my window?

I'm not entirely sure if these speakers and the random tracks I play on them are actually any good for me in terms of work an other things and life. Actually it's just the work and time factors that concern me. Feeling vaguely content may be a bad thing. Perhaps what I need is worry and stress. This may be as simple as playing dark and meanacing tracks to make me feel bad about myself so I work. (This of course would not be the same thing as playing something I have no opinion of which would just make me plain suicidal.)

I'm toying with the idea of working in the library as all the people who live around me seem to get up so early and work so hard and sleep so late and have so little sleep yet get stuff done.

Drat, but my speakers are soooo nice!

Let's read the Economist

Is there really any point in keeping up with what is going on in this world? My three year subscription to the Economist is coming to an end and I wonder if FHM will be more useful to me as the next thing I blow my money on.

Sometimes it's nice being away from the world (so, for example, taking a holiday in some secluded part of Wales) and coming back to find that so much has happened in the world and been reported in the news but you had no idea. Not knowing what was going on was strange and sometimes worrying. People would die and whole countries would come into being.

Then again, there are some things in this world that you find out but wish that you had used your time elsewhere. Anyone in the department with the fountains may occasionally feel this.

It's been fun having a reasonable idea of the randomness that goes on in this world but is it time for a change? FHM anyone?

Having thoughts and thinking is a curse

It'd be so much easier if we were just given a timetable that rules our lives from 9am to 5pm so there is none of this time management business and guilt about having to do more work/reading. I wish these next ten days or so would just dash past cos there's so much waiting: everything seems to be on hold right now. I hate cryptic things. ;)

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