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March 11, 2005

So why am I not an artist?

Is it because I dread to think I may add to the world's complement of mostly-bad books? To spend a year or more on something without either the guarantee of greatness or even the reassurance of usefulness is pretty scary.

Paintings can take up to half a year and for a fragile area of canvas. Of course the greats work much faster and build much bigger things but it is an exchange of time for Art that I am not too keen on. If I do something, I want people to look at it and think that they would have done it the same way and build on it rather than re-doing but of course this is a different issue.

Go forth and be great, all you artists; although I sadly regret that creativity seems to be lacking in the Arts in recent times.

Cute regional accent

The way some people say the word 'thing' is so nice!

Just say "any thing" to yourself with 'thing' pronounced more like 'think'.

So what kind of accent is this, pray tell?

Can anyone confirm north or yorkshire-ish? I'm from the north and it is not familiar :p Most definitely not Lancashire (grew up there and never heard it there – although it may be from some dusty corner of said county).

Linkin Park – In the End

This had me depressed for over a week a little while back. Definitely worth a listen if you think your priorities may need a shuffle. Best to listen and decide to work on regardless.

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