April 13, 2005

Micro$oft does it good

Microsoft published a security bulletin affecting the MSN Messenger 6.2 and 7.0 beta. According to security firm Secunia, the vulnerability is caused due to an error within the processing of GIF images and can be exploited by sending a specially crafted emoticon or display picture to a user.

A successful exploit enables an attacker "to take complete control of an affected system," Microsoft acknowledged in its security bulletin MS05-022. This includes the installation of software; viewing, changing or deleting data as well as the creation of accounts with full user rights.

(from Tom's Hardware)

lol @ micro$oft

April 04, 2005

Red Rose Rock FM

It's very good! It reminds me of home so visit their [ website ] and [ listen online now ]

Can proteins be made in vivo without ribosomes?

Thanks for your input!

April 03, 2005

It crawls then walks

Languages and learning stuff and making stuff follow the same kinda pattern. They start off as something of a hack but it's ok because you don't need that much complexity. Things persist and are refined while accumulating complexity until you have something that is recognizable as resulting from what you started with but with a mature beauty and radiance.

It's like watching people grow really.

Fizzy jelly with canned exotic fruit is good

Just remember that you need more jelly for higher layers to get the layers to appear the same thickness. The fruit also contains water so you don't need as much in the jelly. Lastly, the only good way of melting the jelly is using a microwave.

Go do it!

(The fizziness comes from using carbonated lemonade in place of water but this goes without saying)

As a purely academic thing

Why is free will more important than stopping evil?

April 01, 2005

Hey, hey

Birthday! .. work now :)

March 30, 2005

My unlucky–day

Lost my favourite pen.

Cold showers for the swimming pool.

Swimming pool closed 10 minutes after I got in.

But I guess I'll swap that for bumping into a couple of people I'd not seen in ages and for getting my photos that were taken with my digital camera and sent off to be printed.

Sometimes people aren't being friendly,

they just can't pronounce your surname. ;)

[My surname is, of course, easy to pronounce (in the same way as for the girl in the blue dress in Street Fighter 2). But if you're called ajdsljfopaewj, people may be calling you "Jeanie" for convenience. :) ]

Painting in Maths Institute (Institute for Mathematicians, one supposes)

Just found out what the large and semi-expensive painting in (T/t)he Street is called.

It's Bob to all his friends but you may call it


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